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    • JediJerboa
      January 18, 2018, 6:02 pm to Public
      Had someone get mad at me today when I explained one of my stories to them. She was upset that my characters weren’t diverse enough, and she was especially furious about one of African American characters who is an antagonist (which is stupid considering that he isn’t an evil dude, he just makes bad decisions based on good intentions.) That’s just how I imagined him, seeing as he is from South Africa.

      I just told her, “Diversity for the sake of diversity is what destroys good ideas.” Needless to say, she walked away with her fists clenched in anger and I had a smug grin on my face.
      JediJerboa said 2018-01-18 21:18:15
      Yeah, I am thinking of telling her to make her own story to try and prove me wrong. Another thing that's weird as it does have a discriminated robot race, and I include them as major characters as well. So I don't really know what her deal is. Maybe she was just looking for something to triggered over.
      FangABXY said 2018-01-18 20:59:29
      And if she rants to hate on you then explain your benevolent thinking.

      “They will understand. One of them must”-Adam, Metroid fusion
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    • JediJerboa
      January 18, 2018, 8:56 am to Public
      Ugh, I've become too attached to the new story I made for the contest and now I'm stuck. It's amazing how fast I fall in love with a story when it uses censors as comedy and the main character has to put up with a crazy ex-girlfriend.

      Also, diversity for the sake of diversity in a story doesn't work. I had to explain that to a friend of mine yesterday.
      JediJerboa said 2018-01-19 14:37:16
      Also, you'll have to remind me to PM it to you sometime, because I'll forget.
      JediJerboa said 2018-01-18 13:46:22
      Seems good.
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    • JediJerboa
      January 17, 2018, 9:05 am to Public
      Trying to decide if I want to continue this writing contest I'm in. On one hand, I don't wanna lose. I'm very competitive. Plus, I love writing contests, and I even enter contests I'm judging just for the thrill of it. But now I have a chance to win, and I don't wanna fail.

      On the other hand, I have a ton of stuff going on, as I have an Academic Decathlon competition (And no, it's nothing like you see in Spiderman: Homecoming. That bugged me so much.)

      I've also got another problem. I thought I'd use a bit from a story I was writing, but I'm starting to get a little bit hesitant about putting it out there, since I'm worried about someone stealing it. I think the best of people here on PMC and you haven't let me down, but the possibility is still there. I could maybe edit it enough that it's a bit more abstract and could easily be separated from the main storyline.

      So what do I do? I can't decide, and the deadline is soon. I'm a fast writer (my fastest time has to be only one afternoon, basically 4 hours.) but if I don't decide soon, my speedy writing skills won't be enough to save me.
      JediJerboa said 2018-01-17 17:02:17
      That’s if I end up writing anything. I had another idea, but I got too attached to that one too. Guess I’ll have to go searching through my notes for a while.
      Pwr2TheLocalDreemurr said 2018-01-17 11:08:05
      Well, you're up against me, so you'll probably win. just sayin XD
    • JediJerboa
      January 16, 2018, 9:14 am to Public
      Ugh, why must it be so hard to draw a Jedi jerboa? Can anyone give me some tips on to how to combine these two ideas, because I'm a bit stuck.
      FangABXY said 2018-01-16 10:42:17
      Before all the complicated stuff, there knights with laser swords. There are the actual knights, masters, and apprentices.
      TsukiaKari said 2018-01-16 10:36:31
      Draw a jerboa, then make it cosplay a Jedi of your choice :D
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    • JediJerboa
      January 12, 2018, 5:24 pm to Public
      I need either a granola bar or a nap because I am tired and don’t want to be. I wanna write and play Overwatch with my bro!
      Mr Jive said 2018-01-13 01:22:30
      Get some more sci-fi lore going my boi!
      xXGothicXx said 2018-01-12 17:29:35
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