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  • JustaMineCraftinDad

    Well, I guess the title says it all pretty much. I have been gaming my whole life. Mostly single play rpg's like the Fallout series and the Elder Scrolls series and other games of that nature. All the while my daughter has been Minecraft this and that so I said what the heck. I grabed the game and 9 months or so later here I am. Although I visited this site and countless others I decided I would now step out of the "minecraft closet" and share the works of my daughter and myself with everyone.
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    • JustaMineCraftinDad
      October 19, 2018, 9:45 am to Public
      Ok here it is BOLD TRUTH. First off I have never been big on posting things on any form of social media heck I dont have a FaceBook page. So all this is rather new to me. With that said here it goes. I am trying to start a YouTube Channel for my daughter and myself. The only problem is I have no clue as to what I am doing or where to begin in my efforts. My goals are not astronomical just want to build something she can brag about and lay a foundation for her to become the YouTuber she dreams of becoming. So I invite you to please come check out our channel and offer any advice or insight. I only have a handful of videos up with plans With a few ideas for more. I would love any advice for best software and editing practices as well (That is my fav part) again Thank You you any and all help.
      here is the link to our page
      Marma said 2018-10-20 00:38:16
      ´╗┐Hello there! I've had many many YT channels before, they're all gone now. But I can help you with whatever you need. I've done somethings with audio, editing, filming, ect. ect. I want to help you out. So just some basic things: YouTube has an editor, I'd recommend giving it a shot if you don't want to pay a bit of money for a editor. (or I could just edit them for you since I do have an actual editor) But another thing is, maybe you should befriend some other small (no offense) channels. It's always nice to have people in the YT community to help. Well ,if you need anything. You can ask me or maybe even search up some videos, yeah?
    • JustaMineCraftinDad
      October 18, 2018, 2:17 am to Public
      Well here it is! Our first full contribution to the Minecraft world. this is our bounce house build in our amusement park build check it out.





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