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  • Why

    Please be patient with me, it's hard to run in space.

    I'm commonly found lurking in the forums ((Normally to greet newcomers)).

    Although I am not a moderator on this site, I'm always willing to help if I can!

    PM me here, discord or on twitter if you want to ask anything, or just to rant. If I have the time, I'm more than happy to listen.

    Things I Enjoy:
    - Origami
    - Music
    - Minecraft Skin Designing
    - Minecraft building
    - Drawing
    - Writing
    - Science
    - Computing

    Here are my many names I go by, including some which are no longer used.
    - Ski
    - I
    - Lukey
    - egg.
    - Kaos_Kitten
    - Kaos
    - Kitty
    - Daddy
    - Snowman
    - Bowl Of Milk
    - The Chicking
    - Dead Inside But Trying
    - Le Tree
    - Lukey_whoops
    - Champagne Glitters
    - Milk of the Bowl
    - Emotional Milk in a Bowl
    - Emo Aunt
    - Uncle aunt
    - Agony Egg
    -Soft, Savvy & Sarcastic

    My Goals

    Reach Level 10
    Reach Level 15
    Reach Level 20
    Reach Level 25
    Reach Level 30
    Reach Level 35
    Reach Level 40
    Reach Level 45

    Participate in 5 contests
    Participate in 10 contests
    Participate in 15 contests
    Participate in 20 contests
    Participate in 25 contests
    Participate in 30 contests
    Participate in 35 contests

    Reach 5 subscribers
    Reach 10 subscribers
    Reach 15 subscribers
    Reach 20 subscribers
    Reach 25 subscribers
    Reach 30 Subscribers
    Reach 35 Subscribers
    Reach 40 Subscribers
    Reach 45 subscribers
    Reach 50 subscribers
    Reach 55 subscribers
    Reach 60 subscribers
    Reach 65 subscribers
    Reach 70 subscribers
    Reach 75 subscribers
    Reach 80 subscribers
    Reach 90 subscribers
    Reach 95 subscribers
    Reach 100 subscribers {will have some form of "thank you" event}

    Make 5 PMC submissions
    Make 10 PMC submissions
    Make 15 PMC submissions
    Make 20 PMC submissions
    Make 25 PMC submissions
    Make 30 PMC submissions
    Make 35 PMC submissions
    Make 40 PMC submissions
    Make 45 PMC submissions
    Make 50 PMC submissions
    Make 55 PMC submissions
    Make 60 PMC submissions
    Make 65 PMC submissions
    Make 70 PMC submissions
    Make 75 PMC submissions
    Make 80 PMC submissions

    Get 5 different official trophies
    Get 10 different official trophies
    Get 15 different official trophies
    Get 20 different official trophies
    Get 25 different official trophies
    Get 30 different official trophies

    Have 1 released skin pack
    Have 5 released skin packs
    Have 10 released skin packs
    Have 15 released skin packs
    Have 20 released skin packs

    Create 1 skin for team top notch
    Create 5 skins for team top notch
    Create 10 skins for team top notch
    Create 15 skins for team top notch
    Create 20 skins for team top notch

    My Stamps

  • are you

    ıllıllı 𝙎𝙠𝙞 ıllıllı

    Hi! I create stuff for people who may or not want that stuff. In reality, they only willingly take the stuff I offer, as they generally want it after I've pretty much given it too them.

    I'm lost and floating through space, but I'm still pretty active here, on discord and on my twitter!

    Unfortunately, the situation is pretty bad up here, so chances are I won't be doing any free requests. In the rare event that you offer some payment to help save me another day from the capitalist gremlins that surround this galaxy, we may be able to make a deal that benefits the both of us.

    The capitalist gremlins are quite terrifying and not a force you want to come up against, but they do have a soft side. They continue to let me work for Block By Block Studios, and we do some pretty cool stuff, despite the fact that I am most certainly the hostage of a definitely real culture of aliens. I'm also an apprentice for the skin team Top Notch, which is understandably a little confusing, but hey that's life!

    If you want to catch me drifting between the stars, you can find my links to social media up by my banner. If you would like to help collect my dropped belongings, the closest are found on this profile.

    If you want to collect some of my rarer treasures, you'll find the navigation to the right or below (depending on what device you're on)

    Good day, and Happy Travels!
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    Wildcard_Gamer's Elements of the Earth (First Place and participation)
    Merida_the_Brave's Fantasy Contest (Second Place)

    PKMNmastercass's Gemstone Contest (Participation)

    Wildcard_Gamer's retro palette contest (third and participation)

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