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  • Welcome to Koi's Pond!

    Hi! Welcome to Koi's Pond, my Planet Minecraft page!

    I mainly use this to post screenshots from maps, or cool skins I make in my free time.
    My favorite thing to do right now is make Minecraft maps (and schematics, one day), but I'm a student so I don't have the time to do it full time :/

    However, if you want me to make a map or a skin for you, you can hit me up on Discord at Koi#5911 or on the World Painter Discord server under commissions! I'm definitely still learning, so nothing I make will be too expensive.
    I hope to add to this page more in the future! If you'd like to follow my work, feel free to subscribe! <3
  • My Commission Rates!

    Since I'm still learning both World Painter and Blockbench, my commission rates are a tad different looking than others!


    World Painter:

    I love taking map commissions as a way to learn, so if you'll let me add your map to my Planet Minecraft page for public use, I won't charge you anything!

    However, this also means that:
    1. I can't promise any specific deadlines, as I am a student and spend a lot of my free time doing schoolwork.
    2. You must give credit to me as the mapmaker.
    3. People will be able to use the map if they download it too, so you won't really be able to say that you have a "unique" map, as there's a chance others could take it.
    For commission pieces, I charge depending on the size of the map. My prices are a tad lower than others, but I also have experience with especially large maps. Below are price ranges and estimates for the size of the map. All measurements are done on the longest side of the map, meaning if you're looking to commission a map that's 20k x 10k, you'd be charged the 20k price.

    1. <100: 15.00 USD
    2. 100-500: 55.00 USD
    3. 501-1000: 85.00 USD
    4. 1001-5000: 155.00 USD
    5. 5001-10,000: 215.00 USD
    6. 10,001-19,999: 290.00 USD
    7. 20,000-40,000: 500.00 USD
    8. >40,001: 900.00 USD
    For especially large maps, it is to be understood that normal-sized maps of quality take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to make. Maps that are in the upper half of the tens of thousands could take double, or even triple that time. If you'd like a rush order (if I'm offering them at that time), it would cost an extra 50.00 USD.

    When sending me a map commission message on Discord or PMC, please make sure you include the following in your first message:

    1. A screenshot or photo of the outline of your map. You can use websites like this one to make a map you like.
    2. Special biomes, schematics, or specifications you want on your map.
    3. The size, an exact measurement if possible.
    4. The water level, if applicable.
    5. Whether you want to pay for the map or prefer me to upload it publicly on Planet Minecraft.
    6. The general feel you want the map to have, or information about the server the map is needed for.


    Blockbench is more simple. Depending on the difficulty of the skin, they can range from 1.00 USD to 10.00 USD.

    Like World Painter maps, if you're okay with me uploading your skin to Planet Minecraft for public use, I will make your skin for free.

    If you have any more questions, please send me a message.
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