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    Requests: Closed
    Trades: Closed
    Collabs: Closed

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    Fawne | trngs
    mcrjellyfish | pbs | ailurophilia

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    //. Skin Request Lay Out & Terms of Service ➼
    Skin Color: (dark brown, pale, etc.)
    Eye Color/Colors: (light blue and dark aqua, light yellow and dark brown, etc.)
    Eye Shape: (2x2, 1x2, etc.)
    Hair Color/Colors: (white blonde with pink dyed ends, aqua blue hair with lightened ends, etc.)
    Bang Style: (photo reference, side bangs, etc.)
    Hair Type: (long straight hair, short curly hair, etc.)
    Body-wear: (pink dress, yellow hood, orange long sleeve top, etc.)
    Leg-wear: (dark purple tights, light green shorts, etc.)
    Shoe Type: (image reference, pink dressshoes, aqua blue sneakers, etc.)
    Color Theme/s: (pastel yellow, dark purple, etc.)
    Acessories: (yellow beanie, red bow, orange flower, etc.)
    Gender: (boy girl, etc.)
    Arm Length: (3 pixel Alex arms, 4 pixel Steve arms, etc.)


    All requested skins must follow the lay out above and will not be made until you complete it. The detail or design of your request will affect how long it will take to make. Agreeing to request me you have automatically or should have known that request could take as long as I want but generally I will see what I can do for you. I only accept appropriate requests and stick to "human" requests and not animal/robot, but adjustments like cat ears etc can be attached on to the skin.
    Please do not steal, credit, or repost any of my skins requests as your own, and in general I will only give you permission to do so with my written permission.
    Any changes to the request can be suggested anytime within a week, but after that I will no longer make quick changes.
    Each person gets 3 total requests if they continue repeat to request me.
    ѕυρρσят мє | υѕє му ѕυρρσят ѕтαмρ

    //. Skin Credit ➼
    If you ever use any bases or anything else, please credit me. I do not appreciate or tolerate any skin stealing on any other social media or people taking credit for my skins in general. Please do not steal, copy, or repost any of my skins

    ♥ My Beautiful Wife | My Baby Child ♥
    ♥ My 2nd Baby Child | Daddo ♥
    ♥ The World & Life ♥

    //. Unofficial Trophies ➼
    3rd Place For DinowCookie’s Redstone Engineering Contest!

    1st Place For LosingMyMarbals Reshade Contest

    //. Image Credit ➼
    Please remember that most of the images on my home page are from google and belong to the original owners who made and edited them. The only images I or my friends have made should have credit next to it. Thank you!
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    //. Fan Art & Skins ➼
    If you do have any fan art to send me, please PM me or else I won’t know! :D I appreciate anything from fans.

    By: mcrjellyfish

    By: CaelChan

    By: ailurophilia

    by: ouchy

    by: ailurophilia

    By: chatiethedragon

    By: pbs

    By: mcrjellyfish

    By: ailurophilia

    By: juea

    By: anxieuse

    By: Fawne

    By: ailurophilia

    By: mcrjellyfish

    By: walk

    by: naimarra

    By: an intelligent moron

    //. Hangout Servers ➼
    The Hive

    //. To Do List ➼
    Do art request
    Finish skin Request
    Complete olive’s reshade
    Complete wife’s reshade
    finish miku’s Fan art pack
    remember to write on to do list next time

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