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    07/27/2020 6:34 amhistory
    Level 40 : Master Network
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    16GB does in fact seem a bit high for a server with just 28 plugins...
    Such a server should be able to handle 100+ players easily, if you have a good enough CPU tho. But since you're hosting from a server hosting company, that isn't a problem.

    The high ram idles is normal if you allow it to use 16GB. The more ram you allow it to use, the more ram it will use. And not bothering to clean it very often.

    If my calculations are correct, you should be fine with 5~6GB, since that's what it normally takes to handle up to 15 players + all the plugins.

    To reduce the ram usage, I suggest the plugin "LaggRemover" it's a bit outdated, but it still does the job good enough. to use it, just do /lr gc when you see the ram usage going up. The other plugin I suggest is "VillagerOptimiser" because villagers since the 1.14 village update, use a lot more resources to calculate the path finding. And this plugin reduces their load on the server.

    I hope this helps.

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