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    I Am Very Pleased To Announce I Jason Keeler From Instagram, Have Official Launched My Planet Minecraft Account! Below Will Be Posts From Help With Rules To Map Creations!
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    Insta- JasonKeeler05
    Musical.ly- JasonKing05
    Snapchat- JasonKeeler05
    YouTube- www.youtube.com/channel/UCuYRs-VQsTCXggkkJDfAEGw

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  • Some Rules On This Site!

    • No spamming (this includes walls of text, excessive caps, ASCII art, keyboard mashing, etc)
    • Do not request personally identifiable information.
    • Link/URL shorteners are not allowed; the only shortener allowed is the PMC Link Abridger. Do not post links to direct downloads.
    • Profanity
      or inappropriate language is not allowed, this includes acronyms and
      innuendos. Censoring profanity will be counted as using profanity still.
      Harassment and hurtful behaviour is also not allowed.
    • Anyone
      posting links to pornographic/disturbing material, flasher/screamer
      sites or anything that could cause an epilepsy attack will be
      permanently banned.
    • Server/realms talk belongs in Server hall. (Here
      is how to change rooms.) Attempting or successfully persuading members
      into the server hall from any other room is still considered a violation
      of this rule. Cracked/Drug servers are not allowed on PMC Chat.
    • Advertising
      may only be done once every 15 minutes. If a user asks you for
      information that would be considered an advertisement and you've
      advertised in the last 15 minutes, you may whisper it to them; however,
      you may not whisper ads to people who have not specifically asked you
      for the information. Multiple links in one message count as multiple
      ads. Room-hopping advertisements are not tolerated. Multiple members
      cannot advertise the same subject simultaneously. Using bots/macros to
      advertise for you is also not tolerated.
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