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    About Me

    ─kitt-chan / lz ─ female ─ canadian─

    Hello there, I'm Kitt. You can also call me LZ (not case sensitive). I make skins.
    I'm also an artist, musician, and photographer. I started skinning around April 2017, which means I've been making skins for 4 years.


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    50 submissions

    100 submissions

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    Be well known for something

    Have a skin hit at least 100 diamonds

    Make a skin pack

    Be well known within the PMC community (famous?)

    Get Java Edition (thank you so much Indraft ^.^)

    Complete all my goals


    Anything used
    are not mine.
    Used for aesthetic purposes only.
    Credits to rightful owners.

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    minecraft IGN: smithular
    discord tag: kitt-chan#2247
    instagram: lz_twotime
    steam: icehuntr
    twitter: its_the_pyro/pmc_kittchan

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How did you start skinning?
    My start is super simple. I looked up 'how to make custom minecraft skins' and it led me to Skindex, which is how I started all this.

    Do you accept commissions?

    Are you part of a marketplace team? / Do you wanna join my marketplace team?
    No, I am not. I'm not looking to make money from a marketplace team.

    Can you make me a skin?
    As of right now, requests are closed and I'm considering opening commissions soon. So, at the moment, no I won't.

    Can you join my contest?

    Where's your profile picture from?
    It's from Dorohedoro, a horror manga.

    Do you have friends?

    How old are you?
    I prefer not to say, so please do not ask.

    Do you have a persona?
    I do have a persona, but I have yet to make art or a skin for it.

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    WIP Commissions

    There are currently no WIP commissions. Come check back later.

    Commission Form

    These are closed at the moment. I might be opening commissions later.

    Other Commission Info

    I WILL do:

    - 1-2 skins per commission

    - Unshaded skins
    - Shaded skins
    - Human skins
    - Animal skins
    - Most OCs (if you want an OC commission, BE DETAILED ABOUT IT)

    I WILL NOT do:

    - Several skins per commission/marketplace offers
    - Nude/risque skins (gore is alright, as long as it isn't extreme)
    - Skins made for the purpose of being offensive
    - Unspecific commissions

    Fan Art / Gifts

    Secret Santa gift from Rui

    Birthday gift from Indraft

    Stream Server Family Photo by Spectral (I am the one trapped inside a square)
    (I don't think this is fan art or a gift, but I wanted to include it as a sort of memory, I guess!)

    (This was made by Noo2)

    (This was made by me)
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