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Favourite Block
I like the new Mangrove Planks a lot, but probably a block from the Lush Caves. Hmmm… Moss.
(I also love Ancient Debris and Diamond Ore, but these are my favourites.)

Favourite Mob

My top 5 favourites:
1. Tamed Wolves. They are just one of the best. I hate Skeletons, so that’s why I always need a wolf or 6 in my base.
2. Cats. I like Cats since they’re easy to tame and bring back items when you sleep. They also just look adorable when they sleep with you.
3. Frogs. Frogs, in my opinion, have the best animation in the game and are adorably goofy. If you’re Ranidaphobic, then ignore me.

4. Allays. Allays will become so useful with the ability to pick up a stack of any item. And they pick up swords in the cutest way.
5. Parrots. Parrots can be annoying, but I live for the fact they dance to music. They also come in a good selection of colours.

Favourite Music Discs
Ok, here we go. I really like them all, but there is 3 good ones in my opinion. Also, my brother loves Cat.
1. Pigstep (Lena Raine). It’s the best music for the nether Bastions. It screams Piglins, it screams Jazz. All the things that I love about it.
2. Other Side (Lena Raine). Other Side is a simple and beautifully written piece of music. Honestly, it ties with Pigstep. Lena Raine, you are class.
3. Music Disc 5 (Samuel Åberg). It works well with discs 11 and 13, as well as being part of what the community calls ‘Lore Discs’. Great stuff.

Minecraft Me
In Minecraft:
Creative Mode: Build (Superflats), Start Map Projects, Explore Worlds (Infinite)
Survival Mode: Build, Explore, Create Private SMPs
Both Modes: Test Things Out
Spectator Mode: Nothing (since the Bedrock version of Spectator is a bit buggy)
Adventure Mode: Nothing

Priority List
I would like to:
-Have a YouTube channel called LittleDino2022 or TerraByte
-Be able to mod
-Learn more about Command Blocks
-Be a better builder
Planet Minecraft


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