Level 31
Artisan Pixel Puncher
  • Nostalgia

    You’re at school, two more days then another summer awaits you.
    Your best friend tells you about this game called “Minecraft”
    You’ve seen other people talk about it but you don’t really know what it is.
    You ask your mom if you can spend the night at your best friend’s house tomorrow .
    She says yes. The joy in you explodes.
    You feel happy.
    Last day of school. No learning, just fun
    Your best friend’s mom picks you up from school
    You get to their house and start playing
    You don’t know the controls, carefully clicking buttons making sure to not mess up
    But your friend tells you the controls anyway,
    You start to learn a bit more.
    You see a flower and you break it.
    A rose!
    You and your best friend start to build a dirt house.
    Barely knowing any recipes, you make a wooden axe.
    “Where are the diamonds?” You ask.
    “I don’t know, I haven’t found any yet.”
    You and your friend go mining together
    You are always with your friend, scared if a zombie comes
    Six diamonds.
    You and your friend don’t care how many there is, it’s diamonds!
    You and your friend go back to the dirt house.
    You make another house made of cobblestone
    And your friend gives you three diamonds.
    Your friend makes a pickaxe, and you make an axe.
    You and your friend play for hours.

    Fast forward years and years later, you and your friend stop playing Minecraft
    But then you remember your friend has the old Xbox still.
    You ask your friend if you can come to their house, they say yes.
    You and your friend spend two hours trying to find it.
    “THE XBOX!” Shouts your friend
    Just like when you first found diamonds.
    You and your friend boot it up and look back at the old worlds.
    “Nostalgia” You say.
    Then you and your friend create a new world and start again…
    Just like the golden times.

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