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ondemand_video PMC YouTubers Section

Logan on Youtube

Subscribers: 54
Videos: 60

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Latest videos

  • NFC Semi-Automated Obsidian Generator 3000
    Had some fun today putting together an automated system for farming obsidian while playing some New Frontier Craft. Mainly utilizes an old quirk of Beta where you're able to convert redstone into ...

    posted 07/09/2021 1:07 am

  • Fox Plays Beat Saber - 24K Magic
    Just a fun little cover of me playing Bruno Mars' 24K Magic. Great music. Testing out a camera angle more similar to the one I was using for some of my older VR videos. Feel like I'm getting better at...

    posted 06/26/2021 5:21 pm

  • Fox Plays Beat Saber - Uptown Funk
    I'm learning that moving in VR is kinda similar to what I've heard about fursuiting, in that you need to exaggerate your movements a bit, otherwise you just look a bit stiff and lifeless. So I tried t...

    posted 05/22/2021 3:04 pm

  • k@

    posted 05/22/2021 2:56 am

  • Fox Plays Beat Saber - Pumped Up Kicks
    Yes, I made the thumbnail to this video as ugly as possible on purpose. Otherwise though, enjoy the video of me slashing at blocks.

    posted 05/06/2021 11:57 pm

  • Fox Plays Beat Saber - Moves Like Jagger [Expert Difficulty]
    Beat Saber Map: Player Model:

    posted 03/31/2021 3:45 am

  • Beat Saber - Rasputin & Spaghet's Leggy Model Testing
    Recently picked up this bundle of models from Spaghet, and I spent the day messing with them to get them usable within Beat Saber. I followed this tutorial for getting it s...

    posted 03/19/2021 3:14 am

  • My Cat Zoey
    Just an old recording of my old cat Zoey. She was a great cat, I miss her.

    posted 02/25/2021 11:54 pm

  • Shooting All Stars (Shooting Stars + All Star Mashup)
    Download: Music Sources ============= (Bag Raiders) Shooting Stars:

    posted 02/20/2021 12:16 am

  • NFC Modern Smooth Camera Addon Example

    posted 02/16/2021 2:05 pm

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