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This is my PlanetMinecraft account, where I (Blarak) will upload (like once in a century) posts and updates to my projects, which is currently a HungerGames / Battle Royale of the game The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask.

Now hold on. I know, combining such an wonderful game with a genre that is being milked like crazy right now is not that what you think you would want to see, but just let me explain it a bit further to you.

(You'll have to know about the game if you would want to understand most of the following part, sorry, not sorry, just too lazy to explain)

So, this Map won't just be a rebuild of the original world of Termina in Battle Royale Style, but it'll be somewhat of a own game, because with the help of commands and a 3D resource pack, I will create a game where you can play in the world of Termina as Link with most of his items and join 6 different teams to battle with other friends of yours in multiplayer (I wont make an own server, though. You'd have to download the world and put it on your server). In addition to that, you sadly won't have all of your masks, but you'll still have the important ones, like the Deku Mask, the Goron Mask and the Zora Mask (Fierce Deity probably won't be added to the game, maybe I'll add him when I've decided if I want to add Majora's Mask) and you would have all of their abilities (they'll be balanced out so that the Deku has a chance), all animated, by the way.

The objective of this game is that you need to fight before the moon crashes unto the earth (because it's already the last day). You will also be able to find a trader (maybe wandering, maybe not), the mirror shield (probably in a small shrine where you would have to get through some enemies), the masks (either will you find them more or less just like that or there'll be haunted ghost which you'll have to turn into a mask), and a smith that will give your sword all two upgrades.

If I had to add Majora's Mask, I would make it a final boss battle, so it would be like that the first one who arrives at the tower will get corrupted and almost possessed by Majora's Mask. During that phase, you'll be able to fly (but you'll be stationary to the tower) and you'll be able to do some attacks which I still have to think of, but maybe you will be able to lift up rocks and throw them at your enemies, maybe have it rain moon tears, burn some parts od the arena or just beat the *OOF* out of them.
During the fight, Majora's Mask will slowly possess you until he throws off your body and you become Majora's Mask itself, entering the second boss phase, because the first one definitively wasn't enough already. Yeah, but the scond on will just we like the actual secnd boss phase, so yeah...
I haven't explained how I would solve like what your teammates are doing while your Majora's Mask, but I'll get to that another time because I'll have to rethink all of this so that it will be perfect.
Wow, now I actually want to add Majora's Mask ^^'

So, you probably see already that most of that isn't possible due to me working alone and like only every two months...
...and you're right. I've been working on this map since the late snapshots of 1.13 and I'm still more or less at the beginning. I haven't even started building Termina or the lobby.
That's why I created this Planet Minecraft account. To see if people actually want such a map and if they do, then I'll have the motivation I need to work on this map. That doesn't mean I have no more motivation or fun. I just want to see some feedback on my work, for I hope it wasn't for nothing.

So, yeah, that about does it for this post.

Thanks for reading through all of this ^^
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