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  • Stuff about me

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    My favorite band is Twenty Øne Pilots

    My favorite food is probably cheesecake

    My favorite color is yellow

    My favorite animal is a llama

    I like most types of music. But I HATE Country music so much

    I love the typical "emo" bands

    I love conspiracy theories

    I love Josh Dun but not in a weird creepy way... I also really love Tyler too though!

    I also really love Jessie Paege too. But once again not in a weird creepy way...

    I alsssooo really like Evangeline DeMuro

    I really like Minecraft, The Sims and GTA

    I don't really play a lot of games but the main reason is cause I just don't have money lmao

    I have a LOT of favorite youtubers but 3 of them are Shane Dawson, CrankThatFrank and Jessie Paege

    My birthday is May 3rd 2005. Just thought that I'd let you know :>

    I started making skins in 2016 and stopped until sometime in 2017

    I love aliens as you can probably tell

    I love a LOT of favorite songs but like my top 6 are probably Jumpsuit, Nico And The Niners, Roaring 20s, One Of The Drunks, Anathema and House Of Gold

    I really like the piano and ukulele but I don't know how to play either of them.

    I might add more in the future
    Support Stamps
    Oh hey, it's my support stamp ;>

    Beautiful art made by beautiful people
    These first three lovely pieces of art were made by the lovely space-dad

    This 3rd lovely piece of art was made be the lovely Catligraphy

    This amazing piece of art was requested by Stuffles for TETQ to make

    I'd like to say a big thank you to all 3 of you for making these awesome pieces of art! ♥
    Stuff about the photos used for my profile
    Okay so, the only photo owned by me that has been used on my profile is my support stamp.
    All of the others are NOT mine.
    All I did with my profile picture was change the background color to yellow.
    All rights go to their rightful owners.

    \\ Sara || 13 //

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