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  • Welcome to my PMC! :3

    Welcome to my PMC!

    I'll just start off with saying, I never really planned to make a PMC and post skins I made, until I basically got pressured into it by a few friends, so whenever I make a skin for someone or myself I decide to post it on here to share with you guys. And even though their basic and kept simple, those are the kind of skins I make, and like to make. So I hope you continue to enjoy the simplicity from me! :3

    I turned 18 in May, (I'm not that old but I get called old still, why even ;-;) I'm a child at heart still *cough* I literally have no life besides trying to make time for school work, I don't enjoy going out to much unless it's going to a movie, or something funnish. Most of the time though I will be just sitting on my computer playing Minecraft, World of Warcraft (I main a druid for any of those curious <3) or I watch random peoples streams! :D

    My IGN in game right now is Thesauri, it was a name a friend suggested to me.. Before it was Lufz, besides the friends I have now on the game, I'm not very social with others. Though I'm very talkative once you get to know me and can probably be annoying towards a lot of people, only because I get pretty clingy towards the friends I have in my life currently because I don't want to lose anyone else. x3 So if you see me in a game or anything and I don't say anything, then just say hai and I'll be happy to talk to ya! ^.^ or simply just send me a friend request whenever your online, there's a good chance I'm there. <3

    Mainly I will just play around in housing on Hypixel, I don't really have much else to do, but thats where I hang out with people and meet others. When I'm not in housing though! I'm just playing TnT Run, I know, such a hard game, but there's a good chance you've seen me there if you play it. xD For World of Warcraft, I main a Druid and I do Mythic Raiding (It's not that scary) were 2/8M for any of those who know or play World of Warcraft, it can be expensive, but hella fun! :3

    I dunno what else to say here, but I'll put it this way, I enjoy making skins a lot and spend a lot of my time when I am in housing afk practicing different types of shading, and patterns, so there's a lot of files I sometimes save that I don't actually upload because their more so just garbage most of the time, and when I figure out a type of shading I enjoy, I post it on here of course. I don't do skin requests only because that kind of stuff can be kinda stressful in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I do it for friends, but just the fact that there's the stress I put on myself and think to myself "What if they don't like this?" "What if I choose the wrong colors?" "How should I make this?" "What kind of shading should I use?" so there's a lot that runs through my mind. So sorry xD

    For those wondering, my Discord is Khastel#3803 so if you ever want anything or just want to have a friend conversation, feel free to add me! I also have Skype, but I don't ever use that anymore, so try to just stick with Discord if ya do add me!

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