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  • People call me mean, but you can call me Lu.

      Lu, or Lumi, at your service. Trans - he / him | Freelance Commission Artist and occasional streamer/vtuber.
    << Much more active on Twitter than anything. πŸ•Š

    I do all kinds of commissions. Are you interested? Click on the support banner above me! ^
    << Sometimes I make videos and stream too! Check out my channels on Youtube and Twitch when you have the time.

      Any and all packs I use in any minecraft streams will be in the collection below, if ever curious. v
  • Currently Using 🦌

    Wolfhound Heavenly
    xali's Enchanted Books
    Enhanced Amethyst
    xali's Enhanced Diamond
    xali's Potion
    Glass axolotl with metal frame
    Poison dart frog
    Rainbow bullfrog
    [πŸ“] it's strawberry frog thing !
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