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    Noble ones, to the grand castle of Lunaros!!
    i'm sorry of this is cringey, just really feeling medieval today :^)

    Greetings noble one, as you read this it is said that this parchment provides information, & or info, as said in your dialect. I create skins & builds, mainly based upon fantasy & or cultural/historical works, stay tuned Infor more, well made & high quality submissions! Some little things about me, I'm quite the history observer, spending most of my time reading & listening to History related platforms along with other subjects such as philosophy & science. I'm Spanish/Filipino/Semitic, though I'd say I'm a Jew at heart, in fact I'm religiously Jewish. My musical interests are quite out there, as people have said about it-I enjoy traditional ethnic tunes from around the world, both reggaetón & reggae, & foreign pop. Overall, if you were to ask me if I was reborn into a historical time period, id give you a few answers, that being; 1. An Islamic Caliph in *Cordoba (whilist yes, most likely unknown to those reading this, during the middle ages-the Iberian Peninsula (Spain) was controlled by Muslim Arabs, the society was tolerant towards other religions & was mainly focused on art, science, religion, & other fruits of the world, perhaps my most favorite time period id say.). Most of the servers Im on are Historical Geo-political faction based groups, & or large roleplay communities such as LOTC. So, enjoy your stay-check out some of my submissions! If you're still reading this I wish you a good day/night. :)

    At times I do skin/build requests, however due to my both lifestyle & schedule I may or may not actually do it, though always feel free to request something from me, through either *Discord or PM (private message)!

    *Cordoba, learn more here!
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    • Lunaros
      October 25, 2020, 2:24 pm to Public
      I made a new skin..-a ROMAN LEGIONARY??!!!???!!?!?!?!??!?! WOAH POGGERS BASED!!!!
      The skin features a wearable, tactical, much detailed-roman made Lorica Segmentata, along with excellent shading made by yours truly. (the copy/paste tool is a godsend).
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