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  • Find The Button 8

    Currently, the map is in demo. But feel free to download and play it. There will be a new demo, until then. Please play this version 0.8a.

    A brand new Find The Button Map! What it contains in the demo:
    - 5 Stages!
    - Extra Stage feature! (Working on it)
    - Have hints in every level and added some helpful tips.
    - Parkour!

    This map in full version is meant to have these features:
    - 10 Stages!
    - Extra Stage and Phantasm Stage!
    - Hints and tips.
    - Parkour, Extra contains harder parkour and Phantasm contains the hardest parkour.

    Basically, your task is to find the buttons in 12 stages, including the Extra and Phantasm. And your bonus task is to collect 10 Nether Stars.

    Each level contains it's own theme:
    Level 1: Forest
    Level 2: Plains
    Level 3: Library
    Level 4: Parkour
    Level 5: Savanna
    Level 6: Modern House
    Level 7: Desert
    Level 8: Snow
    Level 9: Mario
    Level 10: Village

    And this is the Extra and Phantasm theme:
    Extra 1: Lava Parkour
    Extra 2: House Maze

    Phantasm 1: Japan
    Phantasm 2: Extreme Parkour

    That's all for now, folks. Be sure to support this project for faster demo releases! Or even the full version releases?
    Download version 0.8a: www.mediafire.com/?9jhw260sj5w6b1t

    There's no screenshots until the full version is released.
    Password: minecraft




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