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    I'm taking a (long)break

    no I am not dead

    About this person

    I'm a low quality moron who used to love to skin

    Ironically, Minecraft isn't my favorite game; I am honestly playing Wolfenstein and The Elder Scrolls Online right now.
  • More about me as a human blob

    I'm a she- well being called 'he' is fine(I got used to it); jus informing u

    I'm not American, nor am I a native english speaker. My english is rusty and sketchy.

    If I say something offensive or rude, that was NOT intended. Unless it was clearly intended-

    I play the cello :)

    cool stuff
  • Unfinished maps that should never be downloaded (I update them constantly, so I try to check them from time to time)

    Dubai Marina
    Moscow City
Planet Minecraft


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