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  • The Minotaur [SSPBL S6W4]
    Minecraft Skin
    SharkyBoy 9/27/22 1:51
    69 2
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    m a k i
    September 24, 2022, 3:47 pm to Public
    yay new skin!

    fun fact this was supposed to be a simple thing i made just to use in mc but a very lovely and amazing tweetie bird told me to post it so here we are

    rememeber to drink smth and have a nice day <3
    ObsidianFoxPlayz said 2022-09-24 16:36:55
    pretty! :o
    crayne said 2022-09-24 16:02:51
  • mildew
    Minecraft Skin
    m a k i 9/24/22 3:44
    236 27 7
  • Aldoriv
    Environment / Landscaping Map
    SuperMonis 9/23/22 8:58
    x 11
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    SharkyBoy shared SSPBL's post
    September 21, 2022, 1:15 pm with Public
    SSPBL post by LogMaiden avatar LogMaiden
    September 21, 2022, 9:49 am to Public

    Season 6 Week 3 Polls

    Its time to vote for your favorite skins!
    There's only four polls this week, so be sure to vote on each one. Each vote makes a fairer and more well rounded poll, so vote for the skin you like most and who made the best use of the palette of this week. All polls for week 3 can be found on SSPBL Polls!

    Each apposing opponent chose each others colors this week.

    wqtermxlon vs crayne
    ThatGuyJake vs PureNerd
    Felidae vs view monster
    LogMaiden vs SharkyBoy

    If you have some time to, share this! The more votes there are, the better of a poll it'll be.

    View original post
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    m a k i
    September 19, 2022, 4:34 pm to Public
    thankyou for level 50 :D
    i dont even know if thats something worth celebrating but hey ho i appreciate it <33
    aquarine said 2022-09-19 17:44:40
    Mellie said 2022-09-19 17:03:02
    Congrats! :D <3
    NotLizzie said 2022-09-19 16:41:52
    yoo! congrats!! :D
  • Divine Dragon [SSPBL S6W3]
    Minecraft Skin
    SharkyBoy 9/17/22 12:32
    205 4 5
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    m a k i
    September 16, 2022, 3:47 pm to Public
    my word-

    that genshin stream was amazing my :sob:
    and in case u didnt watch it
    basically alot of cool festivals, monstadt content, sumerus desert, dottore and scara USEFWGHRUGFUWEDS, u h , alot of primos, new wepaons and new characters :D

    all can be found here ;D

    also finished school for the week so uh yeah, get some rest, well done and drink some water <333
  • Ary
    Environment / Landscaping Map
    SuperMonis 9/16/22 7:43
    x 20
  •  avatar
    m a k i
    September 15, 2022, 2:00 pm to Public
    okay just a heads up
    when people say art gcse takes up all your time they mean it
    although i am finding it really fun :DDD

    oh and leopard gecko to hopefully make your day a bit better :D
    remember to drink something <33

    Angerier said 2022-09-15 15:44:15
    So cute! (●'◡'●)
  •  avatar
    September 13, 2022, 8:14 pm to Public
    Almost done with a song I've been working on for 2 years
    Expect it to release never
    LBoomsky replied to GlitchWraith's comment below 2022-09-25 00:11:54
    same im the king of procrastination
    GlitchWraith replied to LBoomsky's comment below 2022-09-24 15:24:45
    You're def talented
    I'm just making a bunch of loops from a digital DAW thrown together, it's only taking 2 years because I keep procrastinating
    LBoomsky said 2022-09-13 22:56:51
    bruh i wish i had the talent to make stuff like that
    my songs seem cluttered if i work on them for more than 30 minutes
  •  avatar
    m a k i
    September 12, 2022, 3:19 pm to Public
    Hi!! i have nothing to share/post so uh

    have a leopard gecko :DDD
    and remember to drink water <33

    This contains an image of:
    FLEETWAY SONIC THE ARTIST said 2022-09-12 15:26:40
    CUTE :)
    Jasmine_ said 2022-09-12 15:25:59
    Aww, i love geckos! <3
  • OraAcademy
    Environment / Landscaping Map
    SuperMonis 9/9/22 8:59
    x 10
  •  avatar
    m a k i
    September 5, 2022, 6:50 pm to Public
    first dya of year 10 todafirst day officially of gcses prep
    did i cry a bit? yes
    did i nearly get dress coded cus i didnt have all my uniform? yes
    was it a good day tho? absolutely

    i must admit a part of me really missed school, mostly seeing my friend as qell as eating nice food again and not living on instant ramen and pesto pasta
    plus i got some pretty good lessons/twachers
    only downside is ive got about 2-4 hours of hmrk a night which is beyond jolly
    spent an hour highlighting macbeth this evening </3

    anyqays, good luck to anyone at school, i wont be too active but ill certianly try
    rmemeber tobdrink some water and eat smth and have a good day <33
    Winters_Bane said 2022-09-05 18:51:50
    Instant ramen is amazing. You could live on it forever.
  •  avatar
    September 5, 2022, 12:41 pm to Public
    DM Cyno pfps. I could use some luck when his banner releases
  • Swallowed [SSPBL S6W2]
    Minecraft Skin
    SharkyBoy 9/4/22 12:34
    371 14 2
  •  avatar
    m a k i
    September 3, 2022, 1:58 pm to Public
    yet another skin!

    experimented quite a bit with this, main point was working out colours for future skins :D
    also pray for me i start school on monday and not all my uniform has arrived due to postage complications
    so i'm going in my year8 which was will be fun :sparkles:

    anyway hope you're all doing good <3
    drink water ;-;
    CactiFern said 2022-09-03 16:42:11
    good luck with school! i started last tuesday. I hope your uniform arrives in time!
  • who is she?
    Minecraft Skin
    m a k i 9/3/22 1:56
    214 11 4
  • Archeon
    Environment / Landscaping Map
    SuperMonis 9/2/22 12:23
    x 12
  •  avatar
    m a k i
    September 1, 2022, 6:10 pm to Public
    new post!!in honour of miku's 15th bday yesterday :D

    i shed a tear making that imust admit but i hope it's okay :'D the figure was too pretty not too make but so complex for my brain-

    anyways happy september!! remember to drink water <33
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