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ondemand_video PMC YouTubers Section

Mike Leon on Youtube

Mike Leon
Subscribers: 282
Videos: 30

Minecraft Operations Manager for Jelly, Slogo and Crainer.

Commissioned Minecraft Map Maker, Creative Director and Graphic Artist.

Minecraft Marketplace Content Creator

Building Maps for YouTubers like PopularMMOs, Crainer, Jelly, Slogoman and more.

Creating Roleplay Servers for BlackShoreMCN channels

Builder / Resource Maker for Team Yeggs

Visit my Website to Play My Maps for Free!

Latest videos

  • Friki Jiki's Death Run - Trailer
    Introducing Friki Jiki's Death Run - for Minecraft 1.15.2 [ 1 Player Map ] A Fun, fast paced Map with Super Speed Parkour, Blind Leaps of Faith, Dangerous Mobs and a Killer Sound Track. Do you have wh...

    posted 03/01/2020 4:43 pm

  • Teen Titans in Minecraft
    Wanted to show off some footage from a Spot the Difference map I made for Crainer.

    posted 10/29/2019 9:56 am

  • Steven Universe Room
    A Steven Universe Themed Room in Minecraft using custom paintings basically.

    posted 10/29/2019 12:11 pm

  • Never Listen to Herobrine - Intro Cut Scene
    Intro to the "Never: Look for Herobrine" map I made for Lubcubs and PopularMMOs.

    posted 08/22/2019 11:59 am

  • Nick No Clip Birthday video
    Happy Birthday Nick! We here at Team Blocksanity wish you the best! May your day be filled with Joy and Love!

    posted 02/28/2019 7:12 pm

  • NickNoClip Map Update 3-3-2019
    A Build Progress video for NickNoClip. Video Recording & Editing by: MikeLeonCraft Map Build Team: Team Blocksanity http://blocksanity.ngnmc.com/ Music By: Kevin MacLeod Suonatore di Liuto Kev...

    posted 03/04/2019 1:10 am

  • Map Update for NickNoClip
    A Quick Map Update video for a NickNoClip project being constructed by Team Blocksanity. Team Blocksanity: http://blocksanity.ngnmc.com/ Map Builders: MikeLeonCraft (Project Lead) IJustWonLIFE24 C...

    posted 02/18/2019 1:25 am

  • MikeLeonCraft 2019 Channel Update
    Welcome to my channel. 2019 is going to be a big year for a lot of people. Here's what I have in store for this channel in 2019. Three Ring Eden 4 Player Playthrough Series with Team Blocksanity. ...

    posted 02/06/2019 10:43 pm

  • Three Ring Eden: Team Blocksanity Group Playthrough Ep.1
    Team Blocksanity plays Three Ring Eden in 4 player mode. Group high jinks ensue, with lots of zany commentary and off the wall fun. Map Creator: MikeLeonCraft https://castle-world.com/ Game Map: T...

    posted 02/05/2019 1:12 pm

  • Zombie Arena Map Preview Video
    A Preview Video of the Zombie Arena Map I am building with Team Blocksanity. It's been a lot of hard work, and dedicated hours to get to this point. I hope you enjoy this progress update video! Game...

    posted 01/19/2019 10:11 pm

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