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      Moooshy shared Theodoor's post
      June 12, 2022, 5:49 am with Public
      June 11, 2022, 5:48 pm to Public
      Update on le toxic friend
      I did leave the discord server gc
      I stayed around for a bit later after giving my goodbye message and they literally responded with stuff like "no one liked you anyways" "your annoying" "who asked" "finally u leave" "leave for our sake" etc. etc.

      [​They also renamed me and remade my roles serveral times but I feel like making a blog about this instead of a wallpost with more advice because yeah its a wallpost]

      it inspired me to make this post below vvvv

      If you have toxic friends literally just leave them, they arn't with your time energy or attention if they're activally bullying you srsly leave them


      1. They Tease or Insult You Regularly

      should lift each other up. While the occasional joke may be harmless,
      chronic put-downs are a red flag. You shouldn’t feel like you’re being
      consistently criticized in a friendship.

      next time your friend insults you, let them know it hurts your
      feelings. A genuine friend will apologize and stop the behavior. A toxic
      friend will likely accuse you of being sensitive, insist you’re
      overreacting, or keep emphasizing that it’s just a joke.

      2. They Want All Your Attention (On-Demand)

      No one friend can fulfill every emotional need. But a toxic friend may try to convince you that you’re the only person in the world who can understand them best.

      They may try to seek your attention by:
      • Texting, calling, or reaching out to you incessantly.
      • Feigning crises or exaggerating other life issues to obtain your support.
      • Insisting that nobody else relates to them.
      • Lavishly praising and boasting about how wonderful and helpful you are (to reinforce the behavior).

      3. They Make Themselves the Perpetual Victim

      matter what, it seems like the world is out to get them. Nothing can go
      right, at least in their opinion. Toxic friends often seem like they’re
      always in a crisis. But even if the problems are real, they
      rarely take any initiative to control their reactions or improve the
      situation. As a result, they often present as helpless and needy, making
      you feel concerned, frustrated, or even resentful.

      4. They Peer Pressure You Into Doing Things You Don’t Want To Do

      Peer pressure isn’t exclusive to teenagers. Unfortunately, most of us have succumbed to peer pressure to be accepted and fit in with others.1

      toxic friends often thrive on influencing others to stoop down to their
      level. For example, if they struggle with drinking, they may encourage
      you to order more drinks at Happy Hour. Or, if they keep hopping from
      relationship to relationship, they may subtly dig at you for staying in
      your long-term relationship.

      5. They Disrespect Your Boundaries

      can be challenging in any relationship, but supportive friends will
      work hard to understand and respect your limits. Toxic friends, however,
      often believe they’re exempt from your boundaries, especially when they need your support.

      As a result, you may feel conflicted about setting boundaries.
      You may feel like you’re the bad guy for creating such rules. And, you
      also may feel frustrated with yourself when you can’t implement your

      6. They Are Jealous of Your Other Friends

      A toxic friend will feel jealous and frustrated by the other people in your life. After all, they want to know they’re the most important, trusted person!

      they may insult your friends. For example, if you vent to them about
      another person, they may try to convince you how you’re so much better
      off without them. In extreme cases, they may go behind your back and lie
      or smear you to others to sever your reputation.

      7. You Give Way More Than You Receive

      relationship is truly 50/50. But if it seems like you’re always the one
      giving your time, money, or other resources, you probably have a toxic

      Your friend may be taking advantage of your generosity instead of reflecting on how they can
      contribute to the relationship. As a result, they may assume that it’s
      no problem for you. Furthermore, they may also believe they’re simply
      entitled to have what they want- even if it’s at someone else’s expense.

      8. You Love When Your Plans Get Cancelled

      you feel more relief than sadness when you can’t spend time with your
      friend, that’s a cause for concern. But, generally speaking, you should
      want to connect with your friends! If you find yourself dreading
      upcoming events- or if you keep making excuses as to why you can’t
      attend- it’s probably a critical indicator that you’re growing weary of
      the friendship.

      9. You Often Withhold Telling Them Your Real Truth

      you’re in a toxic friendship, you might already be pulling back without
      realizing it. Typically, this happens when you don’t feel safe with
      another person. If that’s the case, you will keep your guard up and
      avoid sharing anything that can be used against you.

      course, this pattern can be frustrating. The toxic friend may not even
      notice, but they will continue using that time to talk or focus on

      10. You Keep Lying or Covering for Them

      other people have raised concerns about your friend’s problematic
      behavior. Perhaps they have pulled you aside to express their worry or
      anger about a certain situation. If your knee-jerk response is to defend
      or minimize their actions, pay attention. You may be enabling their
      toxic patterns without really knowing it.

      11. You Feel Trapped or Obligated to Be Their Friend

      Some toxic friends use emotional abuse tactics to maintain their relationships. Emotionally abusive relationships often feel chaotic and frightening.

      Some common signs of chronic emotional abuse in friendships include:2
      • Making jokes or threats about hurting themselves if you weren’t around.
      • Putting you down often (and then making you believe you’re overreacting).
      • Acting differently when you two are in public versus in private.
      • Consistently shifting the blame to make it seem like you have the problem.
      • Testing your loyalty and devotion often

      12. You Feel Like You’re In Competition With Them

      friends are happy for one another. They revel and celebrate each
      other’s successes. Even if some jealousy emerges, it typically coincides
      with feeling happy, proud, and excited for your friend’s good fortune.

      toxic friends tend to make it seem like everything is a game. This is
      especially true if your toxic friend is your coworker. They present as
      wanting to win, and they will likely put you down (either directly or
      subtly) when you obtain something they want.3

      13. You feel completly drained

      are your other relationships right now? Do you feel emotionally
      exhausted? Do you feel like you have nothing left to give? You may be
      experiencing a sense of relationship burnout.

      friendships can undoubtedly take a toll on your well-being. Because you
      spend so much time trying to please them (or read their mind), it can
      take away from other important relationships or activities.

      [​I did just copy and paste it but this is really helpful]
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      BdizzleWolf said 2022-06-25 20:42:42
      This Is A Good Post For People Who Don't Feel Good In A Relationship :3
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