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    Hello everyone! Welcome to our PMC page! You can find here lots of adventure or minigame maps. We take care of our each map, so they are still being updated! However that doesn't mean that they aren't playable yet. Hope you would like our maps!

    Our projects:
    MultiGame Center - Minigame Map - Alpha v1.12
    MultiGame Center: Vacation Edition - Aplha v1.11.2
    Cube Universe - The Lost Journey - pre-Alpha v1.0.3 <--- Temporarily stoped woking on!
    Movin's Dungeon Lords <--- New Map (Still in development mode)

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    ´╗┐Here is our website: Click here!
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    • MovinBlocks
      June 28, 2019, 7:23 am to Public
      Thanks everyone! We've hit over 300 downloads and over 1500 views on this submission!
      I really appreciate it! I'll still keep updateing this project. Thanks...

      Movin' Blocks - MultiGame Center
    • MovinBlocks
      May 22, 2019, 12:04 pm to Public
      It is here! New mini update to my MultiGame Center map! Update 1.6. I have finaly added a small Anti-Cheat in here, so you can't use gamemode commands now. This update brings also a few small changes such as dyed signs and minigame chooser. Now I am waiting for 1.14.2 to be released to continue working. Have fun! :D
    • MovinBlocks
      May 21, 2019, 1:13 pm to Public
      Hope you have seen my lates update on my MultiGame Center map! The 1.5 update! Features lot new things added! However, this isn't all I've got. Map is updated to 1.14.1! Hope you like it! ;D
    • MovinBlocks
      February 2, 2019, 7:11 am to Public
      Unfortunately, my Open World map Sunrise's missing will not be released. Because my pc is too lazy and do not want to open map files, I made another map! - The MultiGame Center - is a map which contains 7 different minigames: Survival, Creative, Sky Block, PvP, Parkour, Spleef (Not released yet...) and Defend The Villager (I spent a lot of time "developing" this). Download of this map will be available today!
      ~Interactive Slovakia ~Cube Universe Arts ~Moving Block Studios
    • MovinBlocks
      December 28, 2018, 1:49 pm to Public
      I'm so, so sorry that I could't finish my first minecraft map. I hope it's first alpha version will be released in April 27th. But this is not everything! My very first minecraft map will be released soon! I have been ispired by Interactive Studios and made my first DLC map! Stay tuned for more info!
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