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    15 :: he/they :: bi
    self dx bpd
    heyo i'm ollie and i can't shut up to save my life
    i make art sometimes which you can usually find in the form of wall posts
    you can also find it on my art blog

    talie :: annie :: kiki

    don't reupload my skins, edited or not, thanks
    about me
    my name's oliver and i'm not good at social interaction
    feel free to call me olive or ollie!! p much any nickname's fine :0c


    i really like bnha, bsd, assassination classroom and camp camp atm so if you wanna talk about that hmu!! i'm currently reading the manga for All of them
    danganronpa is pretty cool as well! i'm not as into it anymore but it's still p rad
    i listen to music a lot!! my music taste is kinda all over the place but often it's really dark or depressing lmao
    feel free to shoot me a message! i'm chill with that

    personality stuff
    ▪️chaotic neutral
    ▪️cancer sun
    ▪️virgo moon
    ▪️capricorn rising
    random facts about myself
    since i have no idea how to write an about me, here's some useless facts about myself bc i like to overshare
    ▪️i live in the usa
    ▪️my birthday's july 14th
    ▪️im a demiboy(he/they)
    ▪️i own two cats and a dog
    ▪️i live in the Country
    ▪️aliens r great
    ▪️my favorite season is fall
    ▪️snakes are good!! i love snakes
    ▪️im the dad friend
    ▪️i do the finger guns thing too much
    ▪️bad puns
    ▪️simultaneously too emotional but not enough at the same time
    ▪️i have glasses
    ▪️bees and wasps are scary
    ▪️i have too many ocs
    ▪️ i swear a lot,,,,,,the rules r holding me back
    ▪️kaminari denki has my entire heart
    ▪️ive been making skins since i first got minecraft (abt 4 years ago)
    tl;dr im super lame. that's about it
    reqs and stuff
    requests :: maybe
    base requests :: yes
    art requests :: maybe
    trades :: sure
    art trades :: maybe
    skin 4 art trades :: maybe

    interviews :: y es
    collabs :: maybe
    req info
    request here
    be as specific as physically possible if you don't have a ref

    i won't do armor, robots or animals
    im way more likely to do pastel/pastel goth boys
    girls are cool too i just prefer making Males
    though on the other hand i likely won't accept reqs with too many neons involved
    base reqs will be uploaded here
    i'll only do hair base reqs. no clothes base reqs please
    please specify if you want skin or not and if you do make sure you tell me what skin tone or else i'm just gonna pick one for u
    do not rush me in any way
    asking when it'll be done like once or twice is fine but please no more than that
    it's not really that it's annoying, moreso that it just majorly messes up my mental state until i get it done
    just a reminder that requests are rarely a priority
    i can't guarantee i'll get them done even if i say i'll try to
    my ocs
    i don't have skins of most of them but i like to talk about them so here's little bios for them :0c
    note: misha, jasper, adrien, riley, austin, jesse and anthony are all roommates and childhood friends. most of the Main Storyline tm revolves around them
    mikhail (misha) toivonen
    19 :: 6'3 :: they/them :: demiromantic/grey ace
    quiet hacker kiddo who. does not care about many things or people. at all. very rarely wears something other than sweaters and jeans. even in super hot weather. nobody understands it. jasper's stepsibling. has a twin named sera who is a Jerk and is probably dead. close friends with adrien and austin. riley is .... a person. theyre kinda fond of him. not really. he likes to irritate them a lot. they beat him up a lot. he thinks they're hot. associated with double. has albinism and schizophrenia


    seraphine (sera) ivanovna
    19 :: 4'11 :: she/her :: repulsed aro/ace
    misha’s twin. jasper's stepsister. craves power and status and will do anything to get it. probably dead.


    jasper van der berg
    21 :: 6'1 :: he/they :: aro/ace
    angry pastel goth kid. would fight the moon if he could. blind in one eye, which he covers with his hair. unhealthily protective of misha, his stepsibling. sera's stepsibling


    adrien (adri) donnaghue
    18 :: 5'6 :: he/they :: pansexual/panromantic
    bubbly and energetic. easily influenced. comes across kinda narcissistic. isn't actually narcissistic. has really low self esteem. loves his friends. very affectionate. closest with misha and jesse. thinks of kieran as a younger sibling. very close to them.

    riley naess
    17 :: 5'7 :: he/him :: grey aromantic/pansexual
    the meme of my ocverse. a vampire. has Bad impulse control. may or may not have a major crush on misha. likes to irritate them (probably partially out of denial) and. usually gets beat up in turn. only interested in things that he’s directly involved in.
    17 :: 5'9 :: he/him :: gay
    bubbly kid. very hyper. has crush on adrien. a Good Kid

    anthony frisk
    18 :: 5'5 :: he/him :: aro/ace
    who needs social interaction when you can blow stuff up with ur roommate
    23 :: 5'7 :: he/they :: bisexual/biromantic
    a businessman. illegally getting help from misha. secretly very mischievous and has a ... surprisingly lacking moral compass. still probably one of the most sane out of all his roommates, honestly
    oskar toivonen
    48 :: 5'11 :: he/they :: demiromantic/demisexual
    misha and sera's father. jasper's stepfather. unknown status
    rhys casper
    18 :: 5'11 :: he/him
    he's pretty much what riley was gonna be until he became a meme. very clever. demon spawn. evil boy
    kieran (kiri) kennedy
    16 :: 5'2 :: they/them :: biromantic/bisexual
    soft kid. probably needs therapy. dating ethan. friends with adri. sees him as an older bro.
    15 :: 5'1 :: he/they :: panromantic/asexual
    one of the most pure of the bunch. protect him. an aspiring musician. likes trees and flower crowns. dating kiri

    15 :: 5'5 :: he/they
    good kiddo i won in flawsaken's raffle. soft and shy. also one of the most pure of the bunch. protect him too.
    skin (tis in the description)
    august o'hara
    16 :: 5'11 :: he/they :: gay
    “"jock”“ that lives off coffee and has existential crises a lot. doesn’t actually like sports at all he just does his best to act like he does
    17 :: 5'9 :: they/he :: demisexual/demiromantic
    quiet kid. very apathetic. likes water and snakes
    michael (mikey) everett
    16 :: 4'11 :: she/her :: biromantic/bisexual
    emotional kiddo. very clever. likes to cause trouble with her twin, nathan. has a love-hate relationship with him. can teleport and stuff
    nathan (nate) everett
    16 :: 4'11 :: he/him :: bisexual/biromantic
    also emotional and clever. likes to cause trouble with his twin, michael, who he has a love-hate relationship with. has a fondness for explosives and dangerous chemicals. has telekinesis
    20 :: 5'4 :: she/her :: repulsed aro/grey ace
    quiet girl. half…..something not entirely human. she’s got weird powers because of that. it’s rad as heck. nobody knows her real name. likes spiders. has connections to misha
    zach lyall
    23 :: 5'11 :: they/he :: demiromantic/asexual
    tired detective that doesn’t actually know anything about how to be a detective, yet somehow he’s absolutely amazing at it. naps a lot, usually in terrible places. very apathetic
    snar'bo (snarbs)
    ??? :: 5'9 :: they/them
    anxious alien. dating edward
    edward (eddy)
    20 :: 5'10 :: they/them
    chill college student dude. master of procrastination. dating snarbs
    lev daniels
    15 :: 5'2 :: they/them :: biromantic/bisexual
    angry bnha cat kiddo. apollo’s twin
    apollo daniels
    15 :: 5'2 :: they/them :: biromantic/bisexual
    social bnha cat kiddo. lev’s twin

    cherry (naoki hisakawa)
    16 :: 6'2 :: he/they :: biromantic/bisexual
    bnha kid obsessed with his morals. will do anything to enforce them. gets obsessed with things easily. can grow tentacles out of his back. nobody knows his real name (actually a lot of people do, he’s Bad at keeping it a secret)
    ??? :: 6'5 :: they/it
    some sort of demon thing. really powerful. can shapeshift for limited amounts of time. they’ve been dead for a really long time

    20? :: 5'5 :: they/them
    pastel goth tv head robokid. constantly annoyed. replies to everything with memes on tv screen

    18 :: 5'7 :: they/them :: pansexual/aromantic
    fusion oc of adrien and misha. very mischievous. falls asleep in really bad places. gives off weird energy

    15 :: 5'2 :: he/they :: pansexual/panromantic
    energetic space kid who wants 2 die. comes off nice but would probably kill someone given the chance. follows people around in a local forest in a creepy mask purely to become a cryptid. weirdly obsessed with space. drinks too much coffee. in general has a really disturbing mind. he doesn't even try to hide it, people just think he's joking (hes not)

    stalk me
    tumblr :: twitter :: skindex :: bases
    old skindex

    skype :: nkhrachuuya

    if you want to find me in minecraft i'm sometimes on mcm at like. 2-4am edt. my current ign is dadzai so if u see me feel free to say hi!! yes
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    • mr brightside
      December 6, 2017, 4:42 am to Public
      uh. i know i haven't been on as much nearly as much recently as i used to and ive been trying to figure out why i never reply to messages on here anymore and all that
      so i don't really have an exact reason and i doubt i will other than this site is just becoming really really stressful for me. why? no idea. it's not really skinning, just. this website in general. so. yeah

      please don't expect me to reply to much, if anything
      sorry to all my friends on here, you guys were and still are amazing and i do care about you guys! thanks for always.. well. talking to me. being friends in general. im. really sorry i couldn't be an actual. better friend. god this sounds so. monotone. i hate it. hhh
      my social media and such is linked in one of the spoilers on my profile so i guess if you want them?? yeah

      also i'm thinking of reinstalling kik i guess if anyone wants to talk there. my username was ciinematiics i think. idk if the profile pictures kaminari its probably me
      anyways i barely remember anything of what i just wrote and also its 4:30am and i am very tired. i was planning on writing this tomorrow but it kept itching at me so here we are


      this website is stressing me out and its really hard to just. be on here so i figured i should probably post something about it
    • mr brightside
      November 30, 2017, 12:50 am to Public
      thanks for the popreel heck it's only been up an hour
    • mr brightside
      November 28, 2017, 10:59 pm to Public
      since im at a friends house i am going on the hive
      idk probably gonna play block party or hide n seek
      ign is dadzai
      have fun finding
    • mr brightside
      November 18, 2017, 11:43 am to Public
      i do in fact have a couple ocs with the cat ears and tail and stuff. you know what they also have? three eyelids
    • mr brightside
      November 17, 2017, 1:26 am to Public
      o h also i forgot to tell yall

      last sunday the weird church thing (i did mention it right???) went really really well!! there were a lot of other teen like ,,, actually in my age bracket!! a lot of them were super cute too vnciohfdsf

      the best part is there was this super cute girl (her name was emma i think?) sitting next to me and we got paired up for one of the activity things! we had to discuss date makers/breakers or smth for romantic relationships and just ,,, ,im ,,,, im Love,,,,,, i hope i can befriend her, ,, ,,,,,,,,,
      also for the second thing we had to pair up and !! we kinda just paired up bc she was next to me and it was a choice between her and some old dude who was there to make sure things went smoothly

      there was also a guy who looked and sounded exactly like a younger drew monson
    • mr brightside
      November 16, 2017, 12:41 am to Public
      ok but honestly im being dead serious when i say im challenging you guys to make rainbow hair in any way but the traditional way. rainbow hair is great and all but it gets tiring always seeing it done in the traditional way. it's honestly kind of boring at this point imo
      mr brightside said 2017-11-16 18:48:19
      yep!! there's probably lots of ways. i personally finished making my own version last night, still gotta figure out an outfit tho ;>
      victuuri said 2017-11-16 10:07:20
      no promises but i try??
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    • mr brightside
      November 16, 2017, 12:24 am to Public
      id probably host it on skindex bc im too lazy to actually read the rules for how to contest on here
    • mr brightside
      November 16, 2017, 12:23 am to Public
      ok but honestly im genuinely thinking of turning that into a contest bc i want to see what people can come up with l m a o
      highkey said 2017-11-16 10:40:31
      please do dad
    • mr brightside
      November 16, 2017, 12:22 am to Public
      i challenge everyone who sees this to make rainbow hair


      you have to do it in any way other than the """typical""" way
      Beverly said 2017-11-16 00:29:21
      Hmm.. my rainbow palettes need severe assistance; I may end up trying this. o.o
      A Bag Of EmnMs said 2017-11-16 00:23:16
      Oh! I need to make a skin with that xX
    • mr brightside
      November 15, 2017, 11:32 pm to Public
      sure wish i had a flat chest
      mr brightside said 2017-11-15 23:54:53
      thanks please take it
      you can have my very not flat chest
      Sunstroke said 2017-11-15 23:51:40
      you can have mine :,-)

      rip me
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