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    Hello Everyone!
    My name is MrGrey 1803, founder of "Black and White Studios"

    This page was made to catalog all of my future builds in the Minecraft community. I've been playing Minecraft since Alpha (when everything was pretty much creative) thanks to the introduction by my Uncle. What started off as an interest (patiently watching X's Adventures in Minecraft up until purchasing the game for myself) slowly but surely became a obsession, and later a definite habit. I went from enjoying simple Vanilla gaming to Vanilla+ via a server started by a newfound friend. Together we rose in popularity within our locale all while enjoying the sweet success of a small time server and it's financial benefits at 15.

    Fast forward eight years and I'm now a productive builder and architect among the Minecraft Community. Though I liked keep my presence ever changing (Paparunner, MrHorizon, MrGrey, A858, etc) I have finally decided to settle on a screen name across all consoles and webpages. From here on out I'll be posting my best and brightest creations as often as I can, and I truly hope you enjoy!
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