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    Legend has it that he killed a full diamond juggernaut with leather armor and a wooden sword. Legend has it that he can speed bridge the midpoint in Cakewars in 10 seconds. Legend has it that he can win entire rounds of Bedwars in less than 2 minutes. Who is this man? Not Technoblade. Not Dream. MrHiglin.

    It took me 2 months to become a professional Minecraft player. But now I am one, the dream is true, and now it is time to finish what I have started.

    Find me at https://www.medal.tv/mrhiglin, to see me kill a full diamond juggernaut (and more!)

    But for now, he waits in the shadows... Awaiting the time to strike...

    Some Facts About Me:
    I am __ years old.
    I am a Christian.
    I am Indian-American.
    I am male (preferred pronouns he/him).
    I like Minecraft and Roblox.
    I am right-handed.
    I am heterosexual.
    I horseback ride, play viola, and play piano.
    I am mostly liberal, with conservative views on abortion.
    My favorite color is green.

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      July 1, 2022, 10:01 am to Public
      "All that was ever ours, will be ours forever." - Amy Carmichael.

      Technoblade never dies. 🎗🕊 🌹
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      June 28, 2022, 2:39 pm to Public
      Aight. I'm not a political person. At. all. Please don't mistake me. But what I will say is this.

      I am liberal. I always have been. But there is one small point where I cross party lines, and this is on abortion.

      Please, hear me out, ok? I'm not trying to start another internet argument. You can choose to listen or not.

      Rape is a different story. See paragraph 4 for more.

      ¶1: Abstinence
      ¶2: Sex
      ¶3: God and Abortion: "Baby's fetus, baby's choice?"
      ¶4: Rape and being financially unable to carry a baby
      ¶5: Regrets
      ¶6: Conclusion

      I do not believe in abortion. I believe that there should be no need for abortion because, if people were careful, they wouldn't get pregnant in the first place, and end up needing an abortion. Abstinence is the most effective tool you can use in matters like these.

      Sex is not for fun. Sex is for creating children / reproduction, not pleasure. God created sex for people to have children. It is sad that people choose to waste away their bodies for the short-term pleasure it gives them. That is sexual immorality. Your virginity is the gift your partner deserves, and that is the gift you deserve as well. What is not sexual immorality is people having sex within a marriage. That is ok. God created your nervous systems to feel things during sex. But it is pointless, just like there is no point in flaunting the fact you have the right to and/or carry a gun. The truth is, there's no point in having sex other than to have children. There are other ways to bond.

      Which brings me to my main statement. So many pro-abortion activists and others argue that abortion is about the woman, and that the law has no jurisdiction of what women do to their bodies. This is true. But guess what - God does! Your body does not belong to you. Your body was created by God and God alone. You were conceived by your mother, but who caused your father's sperm and your mother's egg to meet? GOD! God says abortion is wrong, and that every life is sacred. God's word is the law. The law has no jurisdiction over what you do over your body. But the fact that your body is God's, and that God's law is supreme over all other law, says something. And what about the baby? Oh, the baby. Just like a dog can't make choices on its own, a baby can't. So what? If the dog could have a choice, a choice between being adopted or certain death/starvation, what would it choose? Just like this, if a baby was given a choice between life and death, what would it choose? Even having a defect like blindness or deafness or muteness or a syndrome, wouldn't a baby rather experience all the good in life? If we truly care so much about the baby and its troubles in life, then shouldn't we take its opinion into account also? The fetus is not the mother. They are separate bodies, just one within the other.

      Rape is a pest in our society. These are the places where organizations come into play. Those who are raped experience severe trauma. Organizations, especially those who deal with planned parenthood, can help you use non-extreme measures that don't involve abortion and killing a life that is sacred. Even if you don't want the baby, there are so many people who can, and will, want to adopt a baby. The same applies for people who can't financially handle another life. I've heard stories of people going to places such as India and China, solely for the purpose of adopting. Often, these people cannot have babies, but want to! Abortion is not the only solution. Abortion is the evil creation of our minds, who wander to the extreme but don't think of the good. Why should we meet injustice with injustice? Many may not think of abortion as injustice. See paragraph 3 for why I say it is injustice.

      Lastly, how many of those women who are actually pro-abortion have actually had an abortion? Abortion is stressful! It is a sad time. Not only does it kill a life (murder in the eyes of God). Even pro-choice people admit that women would rather just not get pregnant instead of having an abortion! Some may experience relief, but God does not! It is sin, sin in the eyes of God. Nothing can, or will, ever be changed about that.

      In conclusion, I do not believe what people say as to why abortion is ok. God's word is final to me.

      Have a blessed day everyone.

      MrHiglin replied to Azie's comment below 2022-06-28 15:19:28
      I should have turned comments off lol

      But anyway, people are free to do what they want to do. This is just my take on the situation. Not trying to fan flames in the community, if I did i'm sorry
      Azie said 2022-06-28 15:08:01
      That's not very freedom of religion of you.
      MrHiglin replied to ItsKnyaz's comment below 2022-06-28 14:53:40
      You must be 13 to sign up to PMC. People who are 13 or older probably already know all about this.
      ItsKnyaz said 2022-06-28 14:51:14
      Sir, this site is more for kids younger than 18
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      June 27, 2022, 2:29 pm to Public
      Ok. This rant is controversial. Some might like it, some might not. But whatever side you are on, the goal of this is the truth. So the truth I will give you. Please share this so that other people know what is going on.

      In late 2020, Minecraft and Microsoft rolled out a new moderation system on the Bedrock editions of the game, in secret. This moderation system banned people from joining multiplayer modes and realms. This system had good intentions, but quickly went downhill from there. Players on Nintendo Switch and XBOX controllers quickly realized that they were getting banned from playing survival, too.

      Here is where my neutrality ends. This moderation system is now coming to our coveted Java Edition in Minecraft 1.19.1.

      #1: Microsoft has absolutely no right to ban players from their OWN SURVIVAL WORLDS. This is a gross abuse of power and some players have spent months, even years, in their own survival worlds.


      What do I mean? Well, if you get banned from multiplayer, you get banned from your OWN PRIVATE REALM, which once again, YOU PAID FOR, and while Microsoft has the right to do this, it's just a gross violation. The worst part is, YOU HAVE TO CANCEL YOUR OWN REALMS SUBSCRIPTION, BECAUSE IT DOESN'T AUTO CANCEL WHEN YOU GET MULTI-PLAYER BANNED. Microsoft will literally continue to farm money off of people even when they get multi-player banned.

      #3: This shows the respect between Microsoft and the Minecraft Community is ZERO. Not only have they taken away our freedom of speech, they have also now have taken away from server owners the right for them to moderate their own servers as they wish. This is outrageous.

      #4: THIS MIGHT HELP PREVENT BAD THINGS BEING SPREAD ON MINECRAFT (like sexual content, child pornography, etc.) But how often does this happen anyway, with current server moderation?

      In the end, this is really just useless. But Microsoft sees the big money here, and is going for it. Thank god some servers won't update to 1.19, so this can't happen on servers like Hypixel. But still.
      Zodus said 2022-06-27 14:54:55
      Only a fool would enjoy Minecraft’s new moderation.

      If people as knowledgeable as Docm77 dislike this crap there’s probably something wrong here.
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      June 11, 2022, 9:15 am to Public
    •  avatar
      June 6, 2022, 9:03 am to Public
      Thanks PMC for "signing" up for the notification day event! So far we have 7 participants! I hope this does really well! If you want to do this event, make sure to sign up and read about it here. The goal, of course, is to get everyone levels, make new friends, and make June 25th go down in PMC History.
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      June 3, 2022, 4:33 pm to Public
      Hello everyone!

      I wanted to make a day for us all to notif spam! Who wants to participate!

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      May 29, 2022, 12:36 pm to Public
      Hey PMC!

      I have an upcoming event, would love it if you participated! >:)

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      May 29, 2022, 9:44 am to Public
      ~ What's happening?
      Nitgo said 2022-05-29 10:44:25
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      May 27, 2022, 8:26 pm to Public
      is there no more Planet Minecraft SMP? play.planetminecraft.com doesn't work
      MrHiglin said 2022-05-28 05:59:17
      ty all! :)
      ChronoFury said 2022-05-28 00:17:46
      There's been some issues but it'll be back eventually
      guineafish said 2022-05-27 21:06:22
      Currently they have been trying to work on updating the server. They've been waiting for the system or host they use to update and fix some bugs, and also update to 1.18 so they can also update the server to 1.18. It's been a long waiting game for some things to get fixed, which is why it's been down
      MoonAstraea said 2022-05-27 20:32:25
      From what I've heard, it hasn't been updated in some time, but hasn't been forgotten.
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      MrHiglin shared Under the Rainbow's post
      May 17, 2022, 8:32 am with Public
      Under the Rainbow post by Daggsy avatar Daggsy
      May 17, 2022, 12:59 am to Public
      Hi! Happy International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

      And I really don't know what to write here...
      I just hope you have nice weather and you can take a break from mean people today! 🌞
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