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    Hello there, welcome to my profile!

    I am MysticEscalus, call me Mystic, I am a gaming enthusiast that loves to partake in as many competitions, events and basically all around anything I can. I'll probably respond to any messages that are sent my way through PMC but I mainly use the messaging platform Discord. [MysticEscalus#6684]

    Some general information;
    Name: Aiden [Though I'd rather you call me Mystic]
    Age/Birthday: 14 Years of Age - February 18th
    Location: I'm am a Brit, strong and proud!
    Fun Facts:
    ~ I left the MC scene not to long ago, but I'm back!
    ~ I like to see myself as a leading, key figure and always step up to challenges when they arise.
    ~ Currently going through my second year of GCSE's, not sure what the American equivalent is.

    And that basically sums me up briefly, you'll probably see more and more of me over the next few months and being to learn my personality, don't be afraid to just send me a quick message.


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