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    • it's been a while
      Minecraft Skin
      drifblim_s 09/18/2020
      20 1
    • Phosphor
      September 18, 2020, 1:03 am to Public
      Looks like I won't be updating my art blog anytime soon since I'm too lazy to update it so yeah here's this painting I did. Also I have an old art account that I'm gonna be more active on. So if you wish to see more of my art, u can check it out!

      Phosphor replied to Nitgo's comment below 2020-09-18 12:05:44
      Tysm! :D
      Nitgo said 2020-09-18 04:34:41
      I like the glowing red!
      Phosphor replied to Michiru's comment below 2020-09-18 04:09:05
      Ty! ^^
      Michiru said 2020-09-18 03:39:34
      Ooh it looks very pretty! I especially love the colors
    • strxberricake shared Spongegar15's post
      September 17, 2020, 7:48 pm with Public
      September 17, 2020, 7:38 pm to Public
      When you get a new pfp and a new banner and no one notices: (I made that cat btw you can use it <3 just credit meh)


      I n s p i r a t i o n ~

      Inspirational Quotes GIFs | Tenor

      Ofc Nic Co! Im at my max post amount again :<
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      Spongegar15 said 2020-09-17 19:52:36
    • strxberricake shared GamerRosalina's post
      September 17, 2020, 7:17 pm with Public
      September 16, 2020, 11:54 pm to Public
      Hey so uh, I have some bad news. My grandmother may have to go to the hospital tonight, she is in a lot of pain in her chest. It has something to do with her lungs. I’m really worried, I’m gonna have my grandfather call me if they do end up going. So if any of you could pray for her, I would appreciate it <3 Stay safe everyone.
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    • strxberricake shared Fawne's post
      September 17, 2020, 6:13 pm with Public
      September 17, 2020, 4:10 pm to Public
      hey anyone remember when i created skintober???

      yeah, i'm not doing it this year. when i started it, i hoped it would be a tradition i had that i could gather a little bit of the community under. people took it for their own though, i think at max i ever had 5 people join mine. i know it's trivial lol but, it kinda makes me sad to see everyone else get praised for the idea that i had brought to this community. i never get credited for it. only twice since it started in 2017.

      also i've been mega inactive and there's a reason for it but i think i'd probably get banned if i talked about it???
      have a great day though, y'all. may you have a nice harvest.
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    • Clockwork Slummer I A Massivecraft Skin
      Minecraft Skin
      Katiesc 09/16/2020
      77 2
    • strxberricake
      September 16, 2020, 8:12 am to Public
      Warning// this is a lengthy sorta "vent" but really it's me talking about what's been up with me lately. If you want TDLR msg me through dms.

      So, the reason why I've been so.. Off lately is because of some stuff that has been weighing on me, and I just want to spread awareness on this topic.

      People who manipulate, gaslight you, and just don't care about how you feel

      Let's call the person in question -- B

      B and I were friends at first, in 2018, I started a roleplay server for them to join (I don't know exactly how we met, this is my earliest memory of them). Their character was what I'd call a secondary character, along with a few other characters. The main ones were mine, a friends, and another (at the time, but now ex) s/o. And to sum it up, B and a few other people felt left out/upset because their characters weren't being written into the story. So, being a 10 year old kid at the time, I didn't really know what to do, so I encouraged them to make up arcs for their character that would go along with the story. Most of them seemed to be okay with it, But, after a bit, B started having issues with that, and started making passive jabs towards me. When they finally came to me about it, I tried explaining why it was like that and that I said previously that they *also* have to try to write their characters in, and that I can't do everything for them. They ended up making it a bigger deal than it actually was and ended up leaving the server, which admittedly, I was sort of relieved about.

      Phase 2, late 2019 to mid 2020

      In the fall of 2019 (again, earliest memory) we started talking again, and we were friends. It was pretty much okay until arguments started happening in maybe march to may. These are some of the incidents that happened:

      One time, basically, i was grounded for a month, and wasn't allowed on anything. I still don't know to this day how my tablet just appeared one day, but it did. I told B this, letting her know that if I stopped talking randomly, I wasn't ignoring her. So, one day I was talking to her in my mom walked in, so I quickly hid my tablet and was busy with my mom. When I came back, I responded to the last message B sent with "lmao sorry I was busy" . And they ended up getting pissy over that. Telling me that I was inconsiderate, when they hadn't even thought "she's probably busy".

      ^^ That is getting mad over something small, and turning it into a bigger deal than it really is.

      Another time, I wasn't getting a concept, and she was getting visibly frustrated with me. So, she ended up sending a gif of Michael Scott from the office doing that ugly face palm that he does. And I typed "Wow, thanks a lot" and didn't get a response from them. Meanwhile, this is this same person who gets pissed off if you don't kiss their ass over not responding from a situation that you told them about previously.

      Or what about the time B humiliated me in front of an entire server? It was like 5 in the morning, and my hand was killing me, so I dissolved some medicine (which was a pill) so I could take it. I told them about the medicine, and accidentally said melting instead of dissolved, and they made it a point to explain the difference between melting and dissolving and telling me that I'm wrong. When I said okay the first time, they kept going, until I said "Okay, Okay I get it that's enough" or something along those lines, because it's fucking embarrassing , didn't help that I was like half asleep either. Then they get all pissy, asked me why I got that way, and i explained that schooling me in a public server, isn't very nice and it's embarrassing. Then, they came up with their own reason as to why it isn't schooling, and came up with a new definition, instead of simply saying, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel that way"

      ^^^ Not taking responsibility, and feeling the need to be superior

      Here are a few short ones summed up:
      B saw that in a contest like SkinFight, someone had slightly altered an outfit of someone's oc, and basically drove that contestant off pmc for a while. Meanwhile the original creator didn't even have an issue with the skin itself, in fact, they liked the change. All that trouble for literally nothing.

      (Bulimia Warning in the paragraph below)

      One time, B and I were talking about food, and I said "eating too much food makes me wanna throw up", and they somehow twisted it into something about bulimia. When I said I wasn't comfortable with talking about stuff like that, she got angry at me.
      Now, it would be a different situation if they were venting to me about it, wouldn't have said that. In fact, id try to comfort them about it, but it wasn't the case.

      ^^ Only thinking about yourself and how you feel.

      There's a lot more to say but my back aches and I feel drained just from trying to remember all of this. If you want more you could probably just dm me, but I wanted to get this out here to spread awareness

      If B sees this, here's what I'll say to you.
      You were a shit friend to me, you made nearly 50% of the time a living hell to be around. Every fucking day something I did pissed you off, you never thought to ask "wait, is it me doing this?"
      Somehow I felt more alone being around you, and the only reason why I hung on like that was because I had no one my age around me, and you were the closest. After maybe the 3rd argument I started feeling this way.

      It would be better if we had just never met.
      Overlord_Aqua_2 said 2020-09-16 09:33:49
      That's a lot of pain you endured, sorry to hear that. Medicinei was right. There are a lot of people like B. All I can say is that those people who live like B suffers as well, and yet they are trying to cheer themselves by being mean and rude which is not the right way.

      I don't blame you, especially from the role-play part because you're doing your script.

      From the conversation, not responding happens a lot on social media. Much worse is when you are chatting to a person who was not reasonable enough, they'll get frustrated easily instead of thinking the possibility of what happen to you.

      You could talk more about that to me, to us, or to your closest friend, family, and relatives. Although, I'm still have a minor social anxiety, but I'm open. You're awesome and amazing. Remember to stay strong.
      Medicinei said 2020-09-16 08:59:29
      I'm sorry you felt that way. There's a lot of people like B, it's good that you could get it out. You're awesome that you could end that relationship. Some people are just like B and I tell you that most of the population is like this person, B. If you need to talk my PMs are open, and I will try and help you!
    • strxberricake
      September 16, 2020, 1:01 am to Public
      I regret putting a whole spoon of peanut butter in my mouth
      He Clearly Likes It replied to Chabilulu's comment below 2020-09-16 21:10:26
      no mayo is good maye
      all mayo is trash mayo
      Chabilulu replied to Andronitis's comment below 2020-09-16 12:46:26
      industrial mayonnaise is yuck
      homemade is G O O D
      strxberricake replied to Andronitis's comment below 2020-09-16 06:51:57
      F in the chat
      Andronitis said 2020-09-16 01:04:12
      I did the same thing
      but with mayonnaise
      Instant regret
    • strxberricake
      September 15, 2020, 2:42 am to Public
      It's only Tuesday and I want to ch ok e someone already
      StarLander5772 said 2020-09-15 03:25:40
      Andronitis said 2020-09-15 02:56:41
      use a fiber wire, hitman style
      Nitgo said 2020-09-15 02:43:08
      Don't forget to hide the body afterwards.
    • strxberricake
      September 14, 2020, 5:28 pm to Public
      i am getting sick of vegetals
      Whiteout- replied to strxberricake's comment below 2020-09-14 19:03:14
      I haven’t done that before but it sounds so flippin good
      strxberricake replied to Whiteout-'s comment below 2020-09-14 18:55:12
      broccoli is good in ranch hands down
      Whiteout- said 2020-09-14 18:53:02
      Same I eat so much broccoli and carrots and etc
      strxberricake replied to Nitgo's comment below 2020-09-14 18:32:27
      I know, but i count it as one because it's used in soups ect;
      it's weird to say that "oh I'm putting fruit in s o u p"
      Nitgo replied to strxberricake's comment below 2020-09-14 18:08:30
      That's not a vegetable my dude. (×_×)
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    • SpellitwithaK
      September 13, 2020, 8:36 pm to Public
      Would you guys be interested in seeing me do a skin series based on RPG games such as Undertale, Ib, or Mad Father?
    • strxberricake
      September 13, 2020, 3:23 pm to Public
      i'm tired and currently hate myself like seriously why do I torture myself the way I do. still love yall
      Spongegar15 said 2020-09-17 19:54:38
      I love you too <3 I'm here to talk. Don't hate yourself. You are sweet, kind, beautiful, awesome, cool, super, amazing, terrific and so much more but more importantly, you are you. You matter and you can't replace yourself. No one can. Love yourself. :>
      Bowmanimmortal said 2020-09-14 11:44:40
      dont hate yourself
      im always there if you need to talk okay?
      Purrfectionist said 2020-09-13 15:58:31
      aw ): A lot of us aren't feeling the best right now either. Time will improve it. Meanwhile, lots of us are here for you!
      autumnistic said 2020-09-13 15:38:11
      I'm sorry :( I don't know why you hate yourself right now but many people love you so don't feel so hated :)
      He Clearly Likes It said 2020-09-13 15:26:35
      i clearly like you too <3
    • strxberricake
      September 13, 2020, 12:00 pm to Public
      only Andronitis knows about my alternate life on the internet
      Purrfectionist replied to strxberricake's comment below 2020-09-13 14:00:36
      hehe >:D
      strxberricake replied to Purrfectionist's comment below 2020-09-13 13:59:38
      i've been outed
      Purrfectionist said 2020-09-13 13:09:20
      You're secretly a cake with strawberries?!
      strxberricake replied to Andronitis's comment below 2020-09-13 12:25:13
      Andronitis said 2020-09-13 12:07:18
      Yes and what
    • strxberricake shared He Clearly Likes It's post
      September 12, 2020, 9:12 pm with Public
      He Clearly Likes It
      September 12, 2020, 3:12 pm to Public
      Garfield comic strips walked
      So cat-girl mangas could run
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    • Melting Away (Commission Info)
      Minecraft Skin
      Aquarelles 09/12/2020
      299 27
    • 🌍 The PMC Weekly September 5th, 2020chrome_reader_mode
      9 replies1,198 views PMC News
      PMC started 09/05/2020 11:15 am
      Aspirin60 replied 09/12/2020 9:05 am
    • strxberricake
      September 12, 2020, 1:53 am to Public
      Yeerbles replied to strxberricake's comment below 2020-09-16 21:47:18
      next year is cicada season for me
      this means i'll be free to hear 1 billion cicadas emit mating calls for like an entire month
      strxberricake replied to Yeerbles's comment below 2020-09-16 21:36:37
      please no
      Yeerbles said 2020-09-16 21:29:21
      wait till you eat a cicada
      strxberricake replied to Purrfectionist's comment below 2020-09-12 21:00:10
      Purrfectionist said 2020-09-12 11:58:58
      I'm almost positive that's happened to me with the little ones! Before this sudden cold weather, I was finding them daily in my water glass... Years ago they also got into my EYE?!
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    • asixn
      September 12, 2020, 1:30 am to Public
      whats up dood

      yo who wants to be my ow duo, dont care too much abt skill cuz i got a plat acc and a silver one 👉👈
    • Shadedfire
      September 11, 2020, 7:54 pm to Public
      Am I really that old? Y'all use overlay instead of handpicking and creating little palettes for those pixels?
    • Nirvanie
      September 10, 2020, 10:25 pm to Public
      Doing a chill stream on twitch with an open party! weewoo. www.twitch.tv/nirvaniestreams
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