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    mara . artist . skinner

    cat lover // NCTzen


    please note that I do not reply to PM's unless they are skin request or contest related.

    requests - hiatus
    trades - friends
    collabs - friends

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    request info -

    slot 1 - closed

    slot 2 - closed

    slot 3 - closed

    depending on how many people request, i will only take 1-3 requests at a time

    though I enjoy doing creatures/animal skins, I currently only take humanoid requests at the moment

    picture reference is preferred

    ~ species (e.g elf, human, vampire)

    ~ skin color and details + optional blush&/or nose

    ~ hair design & color

    ~ eye design (1 or 2 pixels high) and color

    ~ clothing design, color and detail

    ~ accessories, design, placement and color

    ~ extra's, design, placement and color

    ~ (optional) color tint
    gifts -

    ^^ all by artsy_Lady ღ

    > link
    by ariesponsible / @honestlyashh ღ

    gift for artsy_lady and I by ariesponsible ღ
    un-official trophies -


    contest prize by tsukiakari ღ


    all pictures on my profile are not mine unless said so. credits go to the original owners.

    please do not re-upload or edit and re-upload without my written permission, thank you




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