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    • Nekomancy shared CaelChan's post
      January 18, 2021, 3:05 am with Public
      January 18, 2021, 1:43 am to Public
      something that irks me is when I get a commission and it's essentially "Hey i love your style, can you make me a skin in <insert another skinner's name>'s style?"

      Like damn it would be pretty darn disrespectful of me to take someone's style for profit even if I had the ability, and like...ask them instead? unless their req/comms are closed and even then don't ask another artist to copy it.

      ok mini rant over, back into my hole of silence for another week
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    • Nekomancy
      January 14, 2021, 6:37 am to Public
      hi its ya gurl
      up at 3AM because aesthetics

      edit: Also What was that site that gives you the HTML thing to make gradient font without driving you batty doing it yourself? Anyone have that?
      Thank ♥ Love you all.
      Nekomancy replied to thealmightybirb's comment below 2021-01-14 14:33:14
      YIS Thank you!!!
      thealmightybirb said 2021-01-14 11:59:57
    • Nekomancy
      January 13, 2021, 8:48 pm to Public
      im realizing my original idea of how to align my profile pic to my background doesnt work very well (thats why it looks weird and plain rn)
      send aid im overthinking this lol
      Melodicapplez said 2021-01-14 01:10:33

      if i knew how i'd give advice but i don't lol
    • Nekomancy
      January 13, 2021, 8:11 pm to Public
      I tried voicing like my POV/opinion on this stuff and by the time I finished writing like several others pointed out some of what I pointed out so um derp my bad sorry anyone that annoyed lol.
    • Nekomancy
      January 13, 2021, 7:59 pm to Public
      So, since its hot topic I'll just go ahead and ramble on my opinion of all this. Probably gonna get a lot of people not happy with me but I've been surprised before. PMC without wallposts felt more like a Minecraft themed Deviant Art, than it did a community. Wallposts gave the ability for easier communication which is very much akin to a server chat, but without needing to be on Minecraft itself to get that and doesn't separate people due to server preference.

      (Real quick: This is also an option BTW)

      I think of wallposts as more of a, "more accessible server chat" than a social media like twitter and facebook. It's given more community because its less "MAKE CONTENT" more "hey come be a part of the site with us."
      And these posts about anti-wallposts/memes/slopposting are borderlining the line of "Make Minecraft content or you aren't truly Minecraft community," in my opinion. For a few seconds I felt it was becoming that way, and contemplated deleting my content and leaving forever since I don't enjoy skinning as much as I did, because of my bad experience and seeing how the more toxic opinions actually evolved to somehow being worse, I don't build anymore as I don't play and I don't want to make a texture pack as I simply have no new takes to offer and I don't have the time to dedicate towards it.

      More elaborate rambling (not a rant just rambling.) below, it'll be messy and a bit repetitive and I'm sorry, just writing as I think.

      I sortof wish it was more of a healthy mix rather than a heavy lean towards one side or the other. As someone who doesn't enjoy playing on servers if I ever play MC for actuals, but wants the social interaction / to see people interact, I suppose? Since I'm more of a lurker? The wall posts are nice, and I don't consider it as easy as "oh just go to Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook..." cause yknow... everything going on on those. They're just trashy political cesspools, but theres always something fun here and its a lot easier to filter out politics here than it is those other areas, like my tumblr is only following a pallete bloggy thingy and its still getting a lot of topics I don't want to see, and those sites don't make it easy to filter that out.
      PMC feels like a community, and for me has felt more so after the wallposts rather than what felt more like a place to just get free skins/builds/texture packs/etc, a Minecraft deviant art 'cept you can actually charge people on-site to download your stuff there.

      The problem with skin posts is that people aren't just going to click on it to see what it says in the description to find a conversation, not everyone even writes descriptions for their skins, and there has always been a heavy tendency towards people who have gotten good traction and got popular. Arguably, yes, we have forum posts for that, but forums in their own way are really limited and unless updated can very easily get lost or just never seen and are IMHO, not as accessible as wallposts and don't encourage conversation the same way wallposts do; they very well can depending on what its about, but forums tend to be more help/technical/etc related. Do we really need both wallposts and forum posts? Arguable. Thats like, post for later I think. I'd say yes just because forums attract different crowds than wallposts.
      Until wallposts the closest we got to these conversation starters, were blogs. Which are great if you have a very long opinion you want to intricately detail, with all the fancy things and formatting you can do in a blog that you can't in a wallpost, or more closer to what theyre used for, being able to write and share your stories in a format that makes it content not debate, but for getting small, simple ideas out, wallposts again end up being easier.

      Again, I don't play Minecraft much anymore and I don't really enjoy just sitting on a game doing nothing for the sake of watching the chat... but I don't agree PMC should be nothing but wallposts? There should be content, and a healthy focus on content, when applicable, but no one should have to feel forced to make skins because wall posts are shunned and thats "Not what PMC should have been." You're always going to get bad with good and how you view wallposts, you're going to get people begging, people memeing, slopposting, etc. You will get the same in a server chat too, if you're in the right servers.
      And thats how I view Wallposts. It's essentially the ability to access a ""server chat"" without having to play Minecraft or find a popular server with friendly people, while simultaniously allowing you to filter the kinds of comments and people you see and also in a way who can see what you post. It makes it more inviting to join conversations than a message in a server chat, and when talking about Minecraft related things, doesn't cause this, like Forum Posts sometimes do, a lot. (Hi yes before Wallposts I was a forums lurker and if you wanna see some of the most stupid replies/arguments ever seen on earth that will ETERNALLY embarrass me until I die, have a gander at my replies in forums. I was an idiot, I still am.)

      Yes people will take memes and trends far. The forums have this. Servers have this. Everywhere has this. It's just more obvious because people have a more viewable place to put it. People were begging for diamonds and subs before. People were meming before. While I agree, extreme and annoying cases of this should stop, reasonably it won't, and I'm now seeing people who feel forced to make content to be contributed as a "Positive member to PMC's community." While thats their choice to feel that way and interpret whats going on that way, there is still a source that came from. If you do not feel comfortable making content, don't feel like it, etc, you shouldn't have to.

      I am not saying, "oh PMC is for memes haha slopposts etcetc lol no minecraft here...." I'm not. I am saying that if we want any sort of community it's going to be there, its just where it is. We have had non-Minecraft related things in the forums, especially in the wrong section of said forums rather than the section literally dedicated to it, before. Wallposts didn't change that it just made it more obvious because theres more places to post that and more obvious places at that. Some of the posts I'm seeing bring up points that aren't just going to magically disappear if wallposts do. They aren't, they'll just go to other places that are moderately more ignorable.
      Wallposts invite people who otherwise would just sit in forums (like I did because I ran into several times I didn't want to skin because of other people. I've voiced how this recent time I haven't been feeling skinning because of those several days of people attacking others for stolen skins and COLOURS. COLOURS. Not the palette itself, the COLOURS. Or how about something older, the teen skin rants.) to join conversations that are less... "uhh I want a conversation but I don't know what to title this forum post so here, meme with me." but more, actually thought out because theres no pressure to Name It.
      Should it be more Minecraft based? Yeah, it probably should. But theres an extent where people just want to talk with likeminded individuals who don't have flame wars over politics/"my opinion is more right" as their first priority, about anything like life. This is, to kinda be obnoxious now that I'm saying it for the millionth time, also found on servers. It just feels different, because you're actually playing Minecraft during when its in a server.

      I get people's point likely wasn't to make people feel forced to make content or be considered outsiders, but that is very much the message being relayed now. Yes, PMC is primarily Wallposts now. But you know? Its also easier to come up with a newly unique Wallpost than it is a skin, for instance, especially when all you really want to do is voice a thought. Especially when nowadays you have people who are willingly open to attack people for creating an unoriginal skin, or create a skin at all for whatever reason simply because they don't like it or its style (Cough teen skins?). My original "splog" idea was because I genuinely didn't want to create a new blog title for every little thought, ramble, and rant that came to mind rather than a Forum post, especially since I felt that kind of thing didn't even belong in a forum post and again, I didn't want to try to come up with a name because too many or too little words to simplify and I don't like baiting someones click.
      You should read, because you want to read, not because I managed to entice you with a title that only gave you half an idea what my post was about if any at all. Not because I want diamonds because I sure as balls don't care for it. I don't even really know how many subs I have, I don't care if I'm lv37 or 2, the only thing stopping me from deleting most of my content is because someone out there probably likes them and my blogs bringing up things may help someone, and the UwU title. But the only one I would genuinely feel bad for losing, is deleting content I know theres at least 1 person who needed it or enjoyed it.

      Sigh..have I missed anything? Idk if I have. Just my general opinion is that PMC became more community-like after wallposts because it was more inviting for conversation and didn't feel like your thoughts had to be relayed as content, not just you thinking out loud to people who aren't going to connect it to politics or whatever.
      You don't love Minecraft any less just because you aren't posting about it every single time you contribute to the site or just because you aren't making skins/MC blogs/texture packs/builds all the time. Infact I'm sure most of us are only here using it as a means of connecting to the community because we like Minecraft, and would rather this community over Facebook/Tumblr/Etc.

      Yes trends can be annoying and be taken too far, but these wildfire trends didn't just start happening after Wallposts they were ALWAYS here. They'll be everywhere. You just didn't see them as easily because they were in the Forums, not in your content feed unless they were, occasionally, a blog, WHICH tended to be more about ranting about Teen Skins anyway (hi thats why i originally went on a downward spiral to stop skinning in general until "shading and color stealing" broke the camels back)

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. In my opinion, PMC wallposts helped make it feel more like a community site rather than a MC deviant art with a forum section. The only thing I ask, is that we don't push "Make content or be an exile," as it feels it is becoming. Some people don't feel up for making skins and such. That is fine. Wallposts let those people still be part of everything and connected to everyone else without the pressure of being a content creator. I do think we maybe want to relax with slopposting. Slopposting itself isn't bad, its def for a specific kind of person not just everyone, but if it starts going to the point you're pushing/pressuring people to join in then you need to stop.

      I hope everyone has a wonderful day. ♥ I hope this stuff settles down and everyone calms down. I'm gonna work on my profile and maybe play around with other things for a bit. I can't guarantee replies but if I'm on I'll try, and if any clarification is needed lmk. I know my thought might be a bit confusing cause its a bit all over the place but i tried summarizing it the best I could in the TL;DR, theres just too many ways to approach it and too many things to bring up.
      Nekomancy replied to Fawne's comment below 2021-01-13 21:29:11
      this just this you worded it so much better and in shorter thank you just... THIS
      Fawne said 2021-01-13 21:18:45
      i think i agree with this. with any community you're naturally gonna have sub-communities. like cliques in a way. people are gonna share their inside jokes and memes, some people aren't gonna understand them or necessarily like them. but it's all in good fun, or it should be at least. it's not really fair to alienate anyone by policing, shunning, or shaming them for what they're posting. unless it's harmful or breaking the rules, ofc. on the flip side, i don't think anyone should get harassed for saying "i don't like xyz posts" either. the beauty of humanity is that we're all different, we've got different opinions. we've just gotta practice acceptance and learn to respect differing opinions and change, which is sometimes easier said than done as can be seen by this entire situation. hope you have a good day too btw!
      PMC said 2021-01-13 20:01:24
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