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    I am a creator telling a story. A story told by my skins and submissions. A story about tragedy, mystery, fright, agony, sadness and greed. This story takes place at a pizza place named Brian And Friends, a place that was built over The new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza over in California. This place seems friendly, but is very far from friendly when investigated. These skins will give hints for what is really going on behind the harmless persona that the Brian And Friends franchise gives their establishments and locations that are scattered around the world. The establishment in California was built by a father of 4 children. Tom Freeman, Allison Freeman, Neo Durnham and Jake Durnham. His wife was named Emily Freeman, which had a divorce with the father after Tom Freemans Death At Fredbears Family Diner. After that his father bought the Freddys franchise and The New And Improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in California. Not much is known about what exactly happened after that in those locations after he made them. Yet. Search for clues on this accounts skins and submissions, for they hold some answers of what happened there.
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    Brian And Friends is a roleplay series made by my friends on Xbox and a few other accounts on planet minecraft belonging to my friends. Brian And Friends is essentially a spin-off of the series Five Nights At Freddy's and its dark lore. These skins are animatronic or human Five Nights At Freddy's OC's that are animatronics that perform on stage at the Brian And Friends location in California, or they are workers at the establishment that play an important role or little to no role in the story this accounts subissions are telling. After a while, the descriptions of the skins will give you their role in the series. If you want, you guys that are supporting me can give me skin ideas in the guest book. if its good, I will use the ideas and give credit to the people who gave me the ideas.
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