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    September 25, 2021, 7:59 pm to Public
    bye bye
    please read the whole thing, it's put into parts for easy reading

    Am I Leaving

    Yes, i'm leaving. not forever i don't think, but i'm going to make a serious mental effort to not go on here. not even to check notifications or troubleshoot.

    Why I Am

    recently ive felt uninterested and unwanted, and completely unaccomplished
    it was interesting to rack up some internet points, i thought it was kinda impressive that 450 people follow me. turns out my friends play 3 sports and 5 instruments and get on national TV though, so i kinda feel the need to move on to bigger things
    every time i'm bored, i habitually check on here. i need that to stop, i need to get a longer attention span and do important things with my time.
    i suck at everything, and i've gotta push as hard as i can to be harder, even better than i was pre-covid.

    What The Shares Are

    I'm gonna share this post on all of my alts. no point in keeping them anonymous anymore, and you might as well know i'm leaving those too.

    Thank You Everyone

    thanks for being such a loving community. you guys really helped me out with being social and more accepted. i wish i could keep grinding on here but every piece of my life says no
    just figured you guys deserve a genuine, formal adios

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    Blitzwolf said 2021-09-26 11:09:06
    Bye, I hope you do well in life! Hope to see you again!
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