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      If you are reading this, I salute you. I am the kind of guy that loves nature, like a lot. I make it my goal to create a world where reality meets fantasy. I make all my maps about a place I visit or a vibe I pick up from a season. For example, I made a map that I thought encompasses Fall (AKA my Vermont maps). I have been playing Minecraft for years and started on my dad's phone. Later, I moved on to my own phone and created cities all over my map. As me and my family traveled more and more, I began to think "Maybe I can dedicate a map to each trip,". So, I went to the same world with the random cities and first updated it. Then, I added different style cities and villages all connected to the main city by a system of trains. Though that may sound great, the trains were suspended in mid air 80 blocks above the ground! Later, I made my cities more realistic and began to dump the midair trains in turn for roads and airports. Though I could use the MC PE app on my phone to download basic mods and shaders, there was only so far I could go.
      So I was able to add cars and trucks to the game, as well as a change to the color of the birch trees and a basic shader. That brings us to the present. I do build buildings and small towns, but I make the environment more detailed and that requires me to place mountains, cover the ground with snow, or plant flowers manually (Which takes longer than the building!). So, I build on my phone and that limits me some, so? I like to be able to whip out my phone and build whatever I want, and that makes it easier to remember what I wanted to build. So if you game with your phone, I salute you! So there's a little bit about me, now all you have to do is see for yourself and look at some of my posts!

      - NimbleSeal
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    • NimbleSeal
      October 19, 2020, 5:58 pm to Public
      Agh, it seems I have gotten caught up in the recent events and have been gone for quite some time! I suppose I have to work on overtime to get this project published!

        - NimbleSeal
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