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    • ninjaxsloth
      January 20, 2019, 8:51 am to Public
      Hi!! So this is probably an impossible task, but I'm looking for a very specific map. I haven't played minecraft (or even used this site) in a few years, so i deleted the app from my computer, but i recently redownloaded it, and all my stuff is gone. No big deal, I wasn't a serious player at ALL, but I did really love playing on this map I downloaded from this site. It was a floating islands map, semi-parkour, and each small island had a a different theme. You spawned in an indoor area which made up the underground part of the first island. There was a hude nyan cat pixel art in the sky, one island was made of ice and shaped like a wave, one island ha a small fortress/castle-like structure featuring lots of bamboo, another was a large glass structure (a jellyfish maybe??? or I might be crazy). It wasn't particularly big, but if anyone knows what it is you'll make my day!!!! thanks for reading this x
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