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    Just an old bone that's played since the days that Creative was arguably the only mode in Minecraft. Yes, Creative, not Survival (different name of course, some may call it 'Classic'). Made a server, might make another one, spent time on thousands and thousands of servers in between, no, I'm not exaggerating. 2012-2017, I was everywhere, with various breaks in between. Various names, yes, but always the same nitwit. I had a tendency to get myself banned because most of the servers I encountered were the epitome of unprofessional and mismanaged, and I do not shy from saying it. I'll be honest about what I think. I'd say that alongside experience makes me a fairly capable reviewer, if you want to send me a server, an idea, whatever. I'll typically have feedback, and it will be granted honestly.

    I ramble too. I guess that's a talent of sorts.

    So, in other words, older minecraft player who's been around servers and won't shy from telling you what I think is wrong, especially if you ask for that input. I'm rather informal by nature, but I'll spend a few minutes to be formal and say that this is the one and only Nitwick you're going to find. Any other name calling itself Nitwick, save for a special exception on discord, is simply false. But then, on Discord, you can be whatever name you want. So, I take no responsibility for impersonations. Yeah, that's happened.

    So, that's me. Hello.
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