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    I am Nitwick. I've played Minecraft since 2009, and my last serious login was in early 2018. Now I very rarely stop by to check on old DMs and consider my nostalgia. In short, I don't do stuff anymore.

    I used to build things, chat, help create more servers than I could count, know the flavor of the month plugins, know how to operate the top plugins at above average knowledge, but nowadays I barely know much as plugins like LuckPerms take over and EssentialsX sneaks in a slew of features that render my knowledge old and invalid. Such is the way of the server. Yes, I was a server person. I consider my MO to be never actually applying for staff on servers. The last application was an edited Trump speech, which somehow gained me Head Admin rank. Shockingly, that server actually lasted 3 months. Not three months and a day, but hey, it got to the 3 mark.

    You could still shoot me a message to talk about something, but do not be surprised if there is a long delay before I reply. This is far, far out of my rotation now.
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