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    ԵᑗՈᵉᏚ (changes infrequently)

    Ꮪ ᑗ ᑭ ᑭ ⵀ ᒥ Ե - Ꮪ Ե ᵅ ⩋ ᑭ Ꮪ

    Just your girl from the future~

  • Ꮪ K 𝚒 Ո - 𝚒 Ո ғ ⵀ

    Skin Trades: Closed
    Commissions: Closed till Mid-Nov (charging at $5 USD per skin)
    (Msg via mailbox for permission to msg on discord, So I don't reject you by accident oops)

    DMs: Open here, ask on Discord
    Discord: NoodleGoddess#4426


    I do not mind edits on my skins on the SOLE CONDITION I AM CREDITED.
    You must also notify me through my DMs or simply comment on the original piece this occurred. Otherwise- I will report you and I won't allow it!

    ᑭ ᒥ ⵀ ғ 𝚒 ʟ ᵉ - ᑢ ᒥ ᵉ ᑰ 𝚒 Ե Ꮪ
    Profile picture by: Official GWSN Twitter

    Banner by: Author on Wattpad

    Support stamps by: unknown (over 5 years ago) + Akutō Supply

    Images from top to bottom:
    -ello on Pinterest
    -Daft Punk animation gif by rotomangler
    -Lohengramm on Tumblr
    -killer-angel123 on Tumblr
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    Saggitarius (you can see the chaos in my skins ngl).

    You can find the things I enjoy by the influences behind my skins.

    [​Inactive Skindex Plug]

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    •  avatar
      October 7, 2021, 7:35 am to Public
      minzy said 2021-10-07 10:31:58
      icons. I'd love to mention 1 too. flavour does my favourite hd skins ever
      asheron said 2021-10-07 07:37:38
      THANK U
    •  avatar
      September 27, 2021, 5:24 am to Public
      We're getting into spooky season territory so Imma chuck out a disclaimer:

      Not everyone actively celebrates Halloween nor the Fall season due to their geographic location or their beliefs. That being said, this is not the time to argue about the over-saturation (or non-active participation) of Fall/Halloween skins and skin events. Let the people make their skins, but at the same time don't be harsh to those like me- who are currently experiencing Spring and thus wouldn't be making Fall skins atm!

      Aquarine said 2021-09-27 07:31:43
      happy spring 💐
    •  avatar
      September 15, 2021, 7:39 am to Public
      i was looking for skin inspo after my assignments so I had a peek at the Met Gala...

      who let the trash out...💀who?
      minzy replied to Nudle's comment below 2021-09-16 06:19:07
      I can forgive Naomi. She gave us ass length braids at the olympics
      Nudle replied to minzy's comment below 2021-09-16 02:55:30
      for me it was Addison Rae and Naomi Osaka who ruined my night
      minzy said 2021-09-15 10:04:58
      camila cabello ruined my night and I don't even listen to her
    •  avatar
      September 5, 2021, 10:12 pm to Public
      ty JadeFire170 for the notification spam!

      In other news, I managed to copy old skins from my dad's computer, which I used to use to make skins WAYYYY back when the MCSkin3D program was a thing (mine stopped working rip)

      I'm in quite a crunch of assignments atm and will probably only post backlog skins for rest of Sept but after that we can expect some reshades!
    •  avatar
      August 20, 2021, 7:37 pm to Public
      Quick update that my contest will end at 8pm EST on the 21st, Since I'm working all day today and it should allow for some final submissions/tweaks!

      (also for context 8pm EST is like, 8am on Sunday for me BAHAHA we love timezone differences) :)))
      DinowCookie said 2021-08-21 16:40:57
      3 hours left let's go! 😏
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