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    11/24/2012 5:57 am
    Level 43 : Master Turtle
    Thank you for your post! You have been accepted as a mod! I have added you on skype.
    11/22/2012 2:50 pm
    Level 43 : Master Turtle
    1. IGN: oghgo100

    2: Age: (Message me your age if necessary). 13

    3. Rank applying for?: Head-admin/admin

    4: Have you ever been banned from a server?: 3 times. For greifing. But thats was 2 years ago

    5: Why should we pick you?: Because i have a lot of experience with using and adming servers. I have owned a server before.

    6: Will you abuse your Powers? If you think using /fly rarely is abuseing.

    7. Will you remain active?: Yes. i can spend 6-7 hours a day on it.

    8: Additional info (Not compulsory): I have owned a server called utopiacraft before
    11/22/2012 1:42 pm
    Level 43 : Master Turtle
    IGN: oghgo100
    Real life name: Oliver
    Country you live in: UK
    Plugin experience: I have owned my own server before so i know loads to do with plugins
    Experience as staff: (IP'S): I am moderator on 2 servers and admin on 3 developer 1
    Are you a good builder? (IMAGES OR PROFILE VIEW) Well i have no images but i think i am
    Additional Info:
    Rank wanted: Admin/Devloper. By devloper do you meen righting code or managing plugins?
    Are you nice to people? Yes. If i need to be i am mean etc for what they have done etc
    Age: 13
    Dedication: Lots. I play at least 7-9 hours a day.
    Gender: Male
    Trustworthy: I am very trustworthy. I have been staff on many a server.
    What is your native language, and what other languages do u control in a decent way: Well my main language is english. I can a really really small amount of swedish
    Do you know most of the commands: Yes
    Skype Name (NEEDED): oliverbenvgoldsmith
    Are you willing to follow the rules: Hell yes. I will always.
    Can you help pay for server hosting: Well i can at Christmas.
    How much time are you willing to dedicate to the server: 6-8 hours
    How long do you play minecraft: 7- 9 hours
    Do you know some basic java knowledge: Very basic but i know how to use console.
    What time zone: GMT
    What the server SHOULD include to be successful: Hunger games. Ranks
    Noob Test: Who created Minecraft: oooo so hard!!! Its notch or Markus Pearsons
    10/28/2012 9:57 am
    Level 43 : Master Turtle
    Age(this doesn't really matter if you are skilled and will not take things into your own hands): 13
    Skype username(feel free to pm): oliverbenvgoldsmith
    Skills: making items, food, blocks, biomes, working on dimensions and loads more
    Previous experience: I have made the Mcdonalds+ mod which got popular
    Example code(if that is what you are going to be doing) of something unique that will grab my attention: um... i don't really know what to put here but you can check out my mod
    10/27/2012 11:12 am
    Level 43 : Master Turtle
    Thanks dude! Is this a private server because we are going to make a huge map and we can't have random people there.
    09/12/2012 3:07 am
    Level 43 : Master Turtle
    I'm lapis. You think i'm cool but when you see me i'm not

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