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    I'm OneBehindTheHair, local goblin.
    Anyway, I'm a skin maker, and a huge fan of LotR. The books, mostly, although all my skins take their designs from the movies.
    The Orcs are my favorite part of LotR as a whole, as you can see from a quick scroll through my submissions gallery.
    Most of my non-LotR skins come from brief periods of wavering interest in other things. Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel, Cuphead (fun game, bad skins). If you're hoping for more content from those things, my interest tends to come back at random.
    I tend to make skins once a week, twice a month, sometimes, so you can always expect one at some point.
    That's about it. Enjoy!
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    • OneBehindTheHair
      December 28, 2018, 12:32 pm to Public
      Cyberman News
      If you haven't noticed, I've decided to start updating my Cybermen, starting with the earliest. My first is up, the Tenth Planet variation, so feel free to check that out and leave a diamond!
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    • Gob Smacka posted to guest book of OneBehindTheHair
      July 27, 2019, 7:09 pm to Public
      Have you ever thought of making an Orc from Moria? I think it'd be an interesting thing to try. Personally I think Lord of the Rings Online made an amazing interpretation of these crude Orcs.
      OneBehindTheHair said 2019-07-28 06:23:35
      I've definitely considered it. An Orc specifically from Moria would probably use the design from the movies, since that's where I get the designs for specific Orcs.
      But, like my Mordor Orc, I've also thought about making a book-accurate skin for some kind of 'Misty Mountains Orc' (needs a new name (that name will not be 'goblin')), so I'd get to make my own design for it.
      I was going to say I haven't seen the LotRO design yet; but looking it up now I've found that someone coincidentally posted a picture of one this morning in a discord I'm in. It's a very nice design, so perhaps I'll make it at some point.
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