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    Hello and welcome on my page!
    If you're reading this you probably wanna know who am I and what am I doin'.
    Well, Im 15 y.o programmer and gamer from Czechia. I started playing Minecraft over 7 years (yes, I was 8) ago but just MCPE. I remember like it was yesterday, that in 2015 when I first played Minecraft on my friends tablet I gave him the tablet back becouse I was scared of spider and zombie :D. But not very much happend and I never get much excited by this game. I came back in 2016 when my dad bought me MCPE on our tablet. I played some survival and I was learning basic mechanichs of Minecraft. In that year I never though that I can get that far like I'm now on PMC. In 2017 I noticed that there is some orange console-like blocks - Command Blocks. I learned some basics with them and in like a month I knew how to make timers, automatic teleportes and much more. I did some things but I've never been much interested in it so I didn't pay extra attention to this command block magic.
    But in 2018 everything changed. I bought Java and begun to play on PC. Firstly I played on servers like hypixel and czech server qplay and survival on singleplayer. I got much more better in english this year so I started wathing some for me foreing YouTubers. And I noticed that so much YouTubers were playing something called datapacks. And I knew that I wanna know how to make one! It was fun wathing these datapack youtubers but even bigger fun to play the datapacks. In 2019 when Covid-19 firstly appeard I started to make some interactions with online world. To this year I was more like "going outside" kid. Becouse of Covid I had to stay at home so I begun trying to make my own datapack. But when I realized that the commands are extremely different in both versions (MCPE and JAVA) I though that I can never do that. Well I quit for like a year. In 2020 I got excited in command blocks again so I started to learn the commands. It was really long marathon becouse I'm extremely lazy but I in half a year I knew perfectly /execute and /tellraw.
    In April 2nd I published my first map that contained command blocks. I've got very big motivation becouse the map got 100 views in a day (that was very much for me in these days) so I started to make even more maps.

    And now, I'm here. With 9 subscribers (one of them being DreamWanderer which is extremely good builder and my inspiration in building), over 13K views, 1,3K downloads. I'm really appreciated to have y'all here. Thank you for all support! <3

    So that was my story written in June of 2022. Well who knows what will future give us. The only thing I know that I will stay till my last Minecraft breath on this platform and I'll be making content for you!
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