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†Osaki Shima† on Youtube

†Osaki Shima†
Subscribers: 974
Videos: 79

Ice tea is my only source of life

†Favorite TV shows†
Tokyo ghoul,Death Note,Super natural,Black butler,Soul Eater,SerVamp,nanbaka,dangenronpa,Full metal alchemist,Angels Of Death

†Favorite bands / musical artists†
Three Days Grace,Set It Off,System Of A Down, Get Scared,Metallica, ACDC In this moment

†Favorite writer†
Stephen king

†Favorite songs†
Happy pills,Sarcasm,Zombie,Lonely day

Latest videos

  • BreakerPoint |MEME|Collab!
    So this is a style i'll be using for my second channel which is kinda "cartoonish" Collab with Komakana basifaiudfbuiyaf ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nicky belongs to me Petunia belongs to Komakana

    posted 02/23/2019 5:01 pm

  • |Fashion meme|Aka French project|
    I really hate the song Orginal by MeowChirp ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Skrillix,Jadon,Hemix,Netro,Laura,Basta,Penelope are mine ;w; Created with VEGAS Pro

    posted 01/13/2019 3:47 pm

  • The Lonely []Animatic i'll never finish[]OLD[]
    So yeah another old shit i'll never finish cause i'm too lazy to do anything ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kira Belongs to me along with the animation

    posted 01/01/2019 8:27 am

  • New year ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Guess we're up for another year, anyway happy new year The audio- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jiin and Skrillix belong to me

    posted 12/31/2018 3:17 pm

  • |!!OLD ANIMATION!!|Trauma meme |COLLAB|
    This meme is based off Trauma meme which belongs to jellyjamie collab with Komakana please if ask for permission to use my edited audio

    posted 10/24/2018 9:51 am

  • Hands Up |Meme|Bday Special!|
    So like hey it's my bday i was lazy af so Nagendri FayTheDoggo FancyKun Pupdol Chai-chan Master Mah Child Emo Duck Nekoyek Mitsuki(Xochiti) xxclarksonlilcoyotex the characters belong to my friends ...

    posted 10/07/2018 10:20 am

  • Barbra Streisand//MEME//Collab
    This meme was made simple for my fried yachi he is new to the meme community and this was his first animation meme ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Orginal-

    posted 08/31/2018 11:45 am

  • Don't look //meme
    ...Don't look back... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ orginal- Created with VEGAS Pro

    posted 08/20/2018 5:08 pm

  • Giga Pudding Meme []Shit post[]Gift
    orginal- gift for- please sub to herrr ^^^^ shes an incredible underated artist shes caring, ...

    posted 07/21/2018 11:00 am

  • In your eyes //MEME//collab:Julia tv
    Her channel- The background ain't mine also i edited it Created with VEGAS Pro

    posted 06/23/2018 9:19 am



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