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    ╣║ C L I C K │ T O │ O P E N ║╠
    ► Building in Minecraft
    ► Walking
    ► Sketching
    ► Puzzle Solving
    ► Making 3D Models & Rigs

    ╣║ C L I C K │ T O │ O P E N ║╠
    ► Stellaris
    ► Star Conflict
    ► Stonehearth
    ► Spores
    ► Half-Life 2 (Incomplete)
    ► Bloons TD 6
    ► Bloons Adventure Time TD
    ► Plague Inc.
    ► Portal 2
    ► Frostpunk
    ► Cities Skyline
    ► Surviving Mars
    ► Supreme Commander 2
    ► Papers, Please

    ╣║ C L I C K │ T O │ O P E N ║╠

    By: LadyBerry

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  • Overlord Aqua@2

    Greetings, viewer. I am Overlord Aqua@2. You may call me 'Aqua' in short. Here in this widget, you will find more information about me.


    ═ ═ ═ ╤ ═ ═ ╪ ═ ═ ╩ ═ ╣║ C L I C K │ T O │ O P E N ║╠ ═ ╩ ═ ═ ╪ ═ ═ ╤ ═ ═
    My IGN (In-Game Name) was originally Aqua@2. It came into my mind until I build up my imagination. I made Aqua as my horoscope "Aquarius" and the number 2 as my birthday "February 2 (2nd month on a 2nd day)." I do want to apologize for everyone I met or recognize this IGN more than 7 years ago: I am being childish that time and do not know what I am doing but to have fun.

    In social interaction, I do enjoy having good companies even I do not talk that much. I do not curse like other people do and if I was about to, I completely halt my sentence. But it is fine for me to hear a curse word (not the most brutal for now) if only they're doing it occasionally, and not with the negative tone that act as a weapon that willing to stab directly into your chest. I am a little bit shy and sometimes when trying to explain something I feel anxious, but from this year I am willing to change that. I spend less time in social media as well.

    My hobby aside from building in Minecraft is walking, sketching, and solve puzzle books. It is just relaxing even my brain thinks a lot.

    ═ ═ ═ ╤ ═ ═ ╪ ═ ═ ╩ ═ ╣║ C L I C K │ T O │ O P E N ║╠ ═ ╩ ═ ═ ╪ ═ ═ ╤ ═ ═
    Harmless Pranks

    ═ ═ ═ ╤ ═ ═ ╪ ═ ═ ╩ ═ ╣║ C L I C K │ T O │ O P E N ║╠ ═ ╩ ═ ═ ╪ ═ ═ ╤ ═ ═
    I love messing up with circles, cylinders, spheres, 2D curves, and complex design. I can do some other building theme and genres, but I will say for now that my main theme was Futuristic and mostly focus on Spacecraft category. I started with experimental aircraft made of basic wood. From my improvement, most of my build was a combination of white-blue color theme and this is where most of my submissions categorized as that color.

    I will grant you permission to showcase my submission and add it in your collection as long as you never claimed it as your creation. This apply to others' creation as well, credit the original maker. If you're planning to add my builds to your mod or server, let me know first. However, I will not grant you permission to repost my submissions to other websites.

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  • Status

    ╣║ C L I C K │ T O │ O P E N ║╠
    Current Status: Less active (Mostly looking at notifications and messages.)

    Building Request: Unavailable

    Render Request: Unavailable

    Art Request: Unavailable

    Having a Collaboration: Available (But must be scheduled)

    Team Build: Not interested

    Interview: Available (But must be scheduled or just PM me)

    (Reasons: Work, and Hobbies)

    Time zone: GMT+8

    ╣║ C L I C K │ T O │ O P E N ║╠
    PMC Profile:
    Make a Support Stamp
    Re-arrange the Profile Page after making a Support Stamp

    Skin Projects:
    ~ My Personas:
    Overlord (Blue)Main Persona
    Necromancer Lord (Black & Green)2020 Halloween
    Christmas Edition2020 Christmas
    Grand AdmiralFuturistic
    Crimson Admiral (Black & Red)2021 Halloween (If possible)

    Building Projects:
    ~ Spacecraft Projects:
    B88-Crusader Mk.IIDestroyer
    B88-Crusader Mk.IIILong Range Cruiser
    G10-Knight Mk.IIFrigate
    Q02-SwordExperimental Destroyer
    Q02 Sword Mk.IILong Range Stealth Destroyer (Sniper Type)
    R12-ZealotCruiser Carrier
    S47-Sky Tormentor
    D32-HivemindExperimental Drone Carrier
    U22-AscendantLong Range Battleship
    U22-Ascendant Mk.II
    Long Range Battleship (Re-scaling)
    ???-GhostStealth Drone
    ???-WispSupport Drone
    ???-SpiritAttack Drone

    ~ Mega Projects:
    The FaithJuggernaut, Flagship, Arkship
    Astria CityCapital City of Zyraitix Empire
    Z01-Overseer (Tier 1)Space Outpost

    Blender 3D Rig Projects:
    ~ Characters:
    Steve/Classic Model RigMinecraft Character
    Alex/Slim Model RigMinecraft Character

    ╣║ C L I C K │ T O │ O P E N ║╠

    Fan Art By: MelodyBunni

    Fan Skin By: Eventlesstew

    Parrot Fan Skin By: LugiaGal-

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      Overlord_Aqua_2 shared Mooniium's post
      October 18, 2021, 10:45 am with Public
      I honestly found that these chain mails are dangerous because people will easily believe it. Don't believe those "If you share this to your friend/wall post/blah blah blah/etc., something will happen and more blah blah blah". The more it's being spread, the more people will believe in these chain mails and most of it are horrible which can cause worry and anxiety to others, which is a total mischief.
      October 18, 2021, 9:20 am to Public
      heads up: those “chain mails” going around, are ofc fake. don't believe them or even share them for that matter. (i was one of the ones who used to believe them, but really, they're not worth the time oof.) they get spread to i n s t a g r a m now to here in order to scare people-

      but yeah, don't waste your time. :)
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      FishStacks replied to Mooniium's comment below 2021-10-18 16:38:32
      god that was
      painful to read
      Mooniium replied to FishStacks's comment below 2021-10-18 16:33:35
      FishStacks said 2021-10-18 12:04:35
      I’ve never seen them here (or anywhere), what exactly are they
    •  avatar
      October 17, 2021, 12:05 pm to Public
      Remember to not worry. Everything that are happening in our life is a challenge and we must overcome it. Never give up, stay strong and stay on guard.

      Proverbs 4:23
      Philippians 4:6
      Joshua 1:9
    •  avatar
      Overlord_Aqua_2 shared Adrestio's post
      October 14, 2021, 7:11 am with Public
      I'm overpressure from work. Amen to you for this message, brother.
      October 13, 2021, 5:57 pm to Public
      Sometimes you have to remind yourself It'll be okay. Any stressful situation, any amount of work or pressure, any single moment you can take just a few seconds to tell yourself it's okay and pause. This month is arguably the most stressful for most (including myself). To be honest, I can't solve and finish whatever work you have to push through but I can give you the single most important tool to get through it. Take a moment, probably the moment you are reading this, and enjoy that calmness.

      To put it best: You need to stop to be able to go.
        By just pausing work for one moment, that break will help you move.

      It's okay, take a moment to care for yourself. No paper, assignment nor work is as valuable as you. Or in other words, just love yourself in general. 💕
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      October 12, 2021, 10:14 am to Public
      New published spacecraft: V28-Javelin with different color/block palettes.

      Will of the Heaven (Default)

      Depth of the Sea

      Desert Vanguard

      Crimson Commando

      Necromancer Death Fleet

    •  avatar
      October 10, 2021, 7:15 am to Public
      Apparently watching Primitive Technology Idea on YouTube is like watching Minecraft IRL.
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