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    Hello there 😎, I'm RealDaJuan. Legendary gamer well known on multiple platforms but most importantly because of my love of Minecraft. I'm based on the Bedrock Edition & I'm also the Official source for the legendary Patriotville Bedrock Edition. Others are not a part of that operation accept me and my Team. Poison_Ivy is the Official source for the Javascript Edition.


    I host many packages and maps that you've come to know and love. I use GOOGLE DRIVE to feed you guys files and information when needed. I encourage you guys to join my journey by Subscribing. I know I may be slower accepting your request to view game folders, this is why: I hand out approvals to over 2,000+ people & as a result there may be busy periods. I appreciate your patience as security and convenience is important to me and I do this to protect my viewers from spam.
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