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    Hello there my name is Soul!

    I am a nerd who's probably gonna work harder on her skins BECAUSE I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND MYSELF AN ACTUAL SHADING STYLE -cough-

    I'm normally just online to look at stuff & to chat but if you'd like to find me i'm usually on Creative fun and Hypixel or if you do already 'know' me you'd probably know i'm normally on my realm. (Usually with at least 1 other person.)

    I'm a fan of the Show Voltron: Legendary Defender & i mean ofc i have favorite characters.. them being Lance and Pidge right now..

    I do infact like some horror games, it's just specific ones i can handle, like Bendy and the ink machine and Among the sleep (newer version), I am infact a Fan of FNaF, I even got over my Paranoia that it had caused!

    I hardly every go on fandom pages because of how Toxic some of the community can be (like ship wise & things like that) but i may be in the "fandom" anyhow.

    I may also be salty sometimes, but i guess it's just cuz of my age (which i'm not revealing. :3) or it's because you did something to upset me or my friends..

    That about wraps things up i guess even though i used the wrong widget :D
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  • Stuff about my Skindex and stuff

    Okay sooo, I currently am SO INACTIVE on Skindex but i do plan on making that the place where i put all my contests and such no not requests or skintrades just contest type of things

    I play roblox i just don't really like to tell ppl my username owo because i made it forever ago and it's just whyy, plus i can't change it until i get like 1K robux which is annoying.

    I do infact play Animal jam but like my roblox username I don't usually share it.. I'd say why but ehh everyone who knows me on Roblox would know something i don't want 'em to know except for my friend Liam/Mail/SpeederSanic who already knows.

    I do have steam but i'm not allowed to add ppl idk irl so.. you may say "Oh your parents must be really stricked" no they're not they just wanna keep me safe so..

    The same goes for my skype, i don't add ppl idk irl ect. ect.

    I may tell people my usernames for Animal Jam & Roblox if they're like a friend of mine or if they ask REALLY POLITELY AND THEY AREN'T ASKING FOR ANYTHING ELSE! and i do infact have Both Animal jam and roblox verified so uh gl hacking me..

    I Hardly ever play Moviestar Planet I just think it's really boring considering it's pretty much just a chat room that has a character you can customize..
  • Hiii

    Hullo, ye it is I Soul i guess

    So i'll probably edit these things later but for now heres some info i guess

    I am infact Female so :p

    I hate it when someone spoils something for me without me asking them to

    my favorite holidays are Halloween & Christmas

    Currently questioning why awesome people are subscribed to me

    Things i'm up for doing or not up for doing
    Skin trades: I guess
    Requests: Depends if i'm busy or not.
    Anything art related: no i'm terrible at it.
    Collabs & things like that: Depends on the situation
    Adding you on something like skype or steam: no thank you.
    Helping you build something: sure :p
    Roleplaying with you: yeeee i'm up

    I hate jumpscares, or anything that's meant to scare me so badly that i wanna sit in a corner and cry... ( So basically FNaF SL, FNaF 4 & FNaF 6 :D )

    I do enjoy roleplaying, but i hardly ever roleplay now, but if you'd like me to RP with you or something just PM me i guess :p

    don't purposfully make me mad plsandthnx

    I rarely post skins but i have my submission gallery all the way at the bottom of my page just above my super empty Trophy case

    If you take credit for my work i'll most likely report the skin (Requests, fanskins, & skin trades don't count though so dw.)

    And now a quote from lance from like season 4 of voltron

    "ALRIGHT RAZZLE DAZZLE TIME! .... for the war effort of course."

    I am a huge nerd if you can't tell, i literally felt like a nerd when i said Telekenesis (I can totally spell) to my friend (i figured that's what elevens "mind" thing was when my friend said it. and no i don't watch Stranger things i just know smol things about it for some reason)
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    • Paladin Soul
      March 21, 2018, 9:09 pm to Public
      I also found this other one before i found the first one.. owo

    • Paladin Soul
      March 21, 2018, 9:06 pm to Public
      Okay so i saw this roblox video and i was just like the first few mins/seconds i was just like "YES!" so here you go
      FireBellFairy said 2018-03-21 21:08:18
      One word. Or three letters.
    • Paladin Soul
      March 21, 2018, 4:54 pm to Public
      My friend said she's gonna edit my newest skin and put a twist on it and i gave her permission to, i hope people don't mistake it for just editing without asking and just stealing the skin. :/
      I forget if she's not allowed to do that even if i give her permission, I do have to tell her to give me credit though
    • Paladin Soul
      March 21, 2018, 12:24 pm to Public
      I've seen too many people stealing skins on here now-a-days, like I just saw someone steal a really well made skin and it's really really annoying. I'd rather NOT link the skin so people don't just hate on the poor person, but i get why you may hate on them, I just don't really think that's just the way to go, ANYWAYS They stole a skin i saw a while ago and it was uploaded awhile ago so uhh, yeah imma go report it now.. It's a Rabbit skin and ik i'm subscribed to whoever made it, and i mean like a rabbit hooman skin so..
    • Paladin Soul
      March 20, 2018, 12:32 pm to Public
      So I recently watched the newest season of voltron anddd, I LOVED IT! I'm sad we still don't have a story on Shiro though, My thoughts on him are that he's trapped and hagar send a Clone spy who doesn't know it yet, the only reasons why i think this are because: 1. SHIRO DIDN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING WHILE THEY WERE CONNECTING WITH THEIR LIONS WHICH OBVIOUSLY MEANS THERES SOME OTHER SHIRO OUT THERE! and 2. He literally saw himself being experimented on in the episode he came back in, like, Excuse me what? Why are there 2 Shiros?!?! and 3. Because HE DOESN'T ACT LIKE SHIRO I REMEMBER FROM THE FIRST FEW SEASONS! yeah that's all i got... I love the show though. c:
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