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    Hi, it's me Fantasy Knight , also known as Palladium Knight. I love vanilla Minecraft and vanilla style mods like Quark, I also work on lots of projects related with improving vanilla minecraft, one of them is my tiny texture pack (or add-on as I call it) MC Essential Pack, which fixes most of the ugly default block textures in vanilla minecraft. currently I'm working a big mod called PROJECT 2.0, it will revamp minecraft from a to z and add loads of quality features, no crazy stuff, if you are interested please check my blog about it, oh wait, I disabled it! you'll have to wait until its release then, but there still some minor details in the blog that you can check
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    • Palladium Knight
      November 19, 2017, 1:00 pm to Public
      today, instead of finishing the dungeon adventure map I was working on, I reviewed for the 10th time the features document of project 2.0, it took me 6 hours to read, remove, add, fix, search...and I can say that I'm finally satisfied with the final result, everything looks neat and vanilla style..... although I still need to skim over it for the last time (I hope).

      the words count is now at exactly 12 012 words!!! 17 pages, no margins and small font, I literally spent more than 1 or 2 entire days of my life working on that document!... I better rush learning java now
    • Palladium Knight
      November 18, 2017, 1:40 pm to Public
      WHAT A CRAZY COINCIDENCE!! some of PROJECT 2.0 features are kelp, corals, realistic water phisics and loyalty enchantement, and what did jeb just show in minecon? THOSE EXACT FEATURES ARE PLANNED FOR 1.14!!!!

      I’m a little bit sad and happy at the same time, sad because realistic water physics was a unique feature in my upcoming mod, and happy because I won’t have to code for such a complicated feature!
      Palladium Knight said 2017-11-19 11:52:30
      using the cogito ergo sum:

      mojang was bought by microsoft
      microsoft is obviously illuminati

      =mojang is illuminati
      WolfieTundra said 2017-11-19 11:27:08
      Lol, some conspiracy stuff going on xD
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    • Palladium Knight
      November 12, 2017, 4:11 pm to Public
      remember that dungeon quest mod I was developing in june? it was cancelled in favor of PROJECT 2.0, but I had already made a couple dungeons and I still have the world files, so the idea came to my mind: why not take the woodland dungeon and heavily expand it (it is already big) and spice it up with many questing stuff then release an adventure map? what do you think ?

      Palladium Knight said 2017-11-12 17:30:09
      ok I will, it won’t take a long time
      WolfieTundra said 2017-11-12 16:30:41
      Nice! I'd like to play it!
    • Palladium Knight
      November 12, 2017, 4:30 am to Public
      I lately started a vanilla survival world that I'm really enjoying, I play in a swamp where above the ground I'm building a swamp village and underground I build all crazy technical stuff, I also use woodpecker texture pack because it is really beautiful specially in swamps, as well as some lightweight mod like ambient sound, it's SO much fun

      texture packs: woodpecker by zob + bushy leafs by me
      vein miner: to make mining ores and cutting trees easier
      fast leaf decay: self explanatory
      ambient sound: self explanatory as well
      carry on: allows you to carry chests and spawner with your bare hands
      inventory tweaks: to sort your containers and auto replace tools
      forgiving void: when you fall in void you get teleported to its top
      journey map: minimap and waypoints
      neat: a neat health bar for mobs
      optifine: you know
      landscape: a swamp, flowers and red mushroom removed, made more dense with trees I planted + vines, removed clay blocks
      Palladium Knight said 2017-11-12 15:43:49
      really! thanks! nice to hear that ^_^
      fisher521 said 2017-11-12 15:18:19
      Cool! This gave me a lot of inspiration for my own swamp village :)
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    • Palladium Knight
      October 27, 2017, 3:50 pm to Public
      I made a test version for PROJECT 2.0 with few features, in the pictures down below there's 3 new features, can you spot them? there will be a prize (maybe)

      Palladium Knight said 2017-10-29 16:31:09
      it actually is, it is called bark block, it even has stairs and slabs (vertical and horizontal)
      WolfieTundra said 2017-10-28 08:36:24
      The log block with the same textures on each side should be a separate block from the normal log, like crafting 4 logs creates those type of logs
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    • Palladium Knight
      October 22, 2017, 1:19 pm to Public
      recipe for a new vanilla style minecraft experience with quality mods:

      -biomes bundle: for a better terrain and structures, alt to biomes o'plenty
      -quark: adds a hundreds of cool vanilla style features
      -vertical slabs mod (PMC): greatest building mod
      -chisel: another vanilla style building blocks mod
      -journey map: extremely useful map
      -carry on: for carrying chest with their content and SPAWNERS!
      -better foliage: for less "squary" leafs, better grass and more
      -optifine: obvious choice + has dynamic lighting and shaders
      -vein miner: for mining big chunks of blocks and cutting trees rapidly
      -neat: good looking health bar for mobs
      -hopper ducts: adds filter hoppers and item pipes, very useful
      -fast decaying leafs: self explanatory
      -gravestone mod: death can be frustrating, and this is the perfect solution
      -inventory tweaks: for items management and sorting etc...

      remove chisel, biomes bundle and better foliage if you have a weak PC
      if Project 2.0 was already released, you don't need quark, vein miner, hopper ducts, carry on, biomes bundle, chisel; better foliage, and vertical slabs mod, all those mods are somehow included in Project 2.0.

      concerning Project 2.0, the development is going well, it might take me a lot more time than what I was expecting because I'm working on it alone + it's a huge mod + I have college studies :p, but hey let's look at the bright side, I still super duper motivated to see the final result :-)
      WolfieTundra said 2017-10-24 17:47:36
      Oh Cool!
      Palladium Knight said 2017-10-23 13:15:34
      those mods work well with each other, a mod pack should add something, solve content overlap, or some problems, but it still a good idea, because there's many features in some mods that are not vanilla style and with a mod pack I can disable them
      I will see, if it takes very little time to make, I might do it, if not, I won't because I'm already developing a mod atm
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    • Palladium Knight
      October 15, 2017, 1:21 pm to Public
      a cool track I found on youtube, maybe a good one for a trailer for project 2.0, idk :P

    • Palladium Knight
      October 15, 2017, 8:34 am to Public
      edit: block cancelled :P


      distributor: its 6 sides can be configured to either be an input or output, collects items from hoppers and hopper pipes (input) and split them equally between output pipes, if there's a hopper with filter mode on under it, give it 100% of the requested item then split the other items equally between the outputs, can also serve as a facade (not sure if this is the right word) to hide holes caused by pipes going trough wall and roofs..
      the red blocks in the bottom right of the image are auto crafters

      Palladium Knight said 2017-10-15 16:35:27
      I don’t think anyone will understand this but me cuz it’s pretty messy up there :-)
      PusheenSpoopyPuff said 2017-10-15 16:29:44
      This. Looks. Nerdy. Lol. Jk.. My brain is too mush to understand any of this.
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    • Palladium Knight
      September 29, 2017, 10:02 am to Public
      this time I came up with a more useful farm: an AUTOMATIC steel farm, by linking an iron farm, a bone meal farm and a tree farm to a forge where iron and carbon (coal) are mixed to make steel (and coal blocks for fuel), the bone farm and tree farm from my last post can be used in this one instead of making new ones. just think of a huge factory with hundreds of farms all linked together in a complex way: this is project 2.0's redstone, the potential is just HUMONGOUS
      sorry for my hand writing and the messy drawing, I was sleepy, again
      Palladium Knight said 2017-09-29 10:06:54
      woops! I forgot to finish the red dye auto crafter, normally I will link it to a chest but it can be used in... euuh...a red wool farm? idk, maybe just burn it in lava :p
    • Palladium Knight
      September 28, 2017, 4:38 pm to Public
      I made an automatic bookshelves farm plan (not the best block to farm :p) using the new redstone devices that project 2.0 features, I don't wanna reveal them but one of them is obviously the auto-crafter, and hopper pipes. anyway this farm is basically a skeletons farm, a wheat farm, a cow farm, a tree farm and finally a sugar cane farm all linked together to create an AUTOMATIC bookshelves farm, but also other items like arrows, apples and cooked beef. no water streams or villagers are used in this farm, just pure redstone circuits. sorry if the image isn't clear, I was sleepy when I draw this :P

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