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Artisan Strawberry
  • Interview Rules

    1. I don't care if you are X, Y or Z(gender, status or level)
    2. Don't act toxic
    3. I don't take trolls, tracers or thefts
    4. If you agreed, I can note you again after some days(to remind if you forgot, busy or the note didn't go to you)
    5. You don't have to do the thing now, do it when you are able to do it
    6. You can comment my last interview Entry or note me if you would like to be interviewed
    6. Don't feel forced if I will ask you(if you like my status about asking, I will write to you ;))
    It's your choice if you would like to make it or not :)
    7. You can give me some crituque if you have some issues towards the interview
    8. I am open for giving me ideas for questions(I will mention that you gave me a question)

  • My Family

    Father - Papa Enny
    Partner - valley_blink
    - Daughter:
    Baldi(Rest in Paper)
    Other Family
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  • Welcome to my Page(WIP)

    Welcome on my Dump

    Name: Papa Enny
    Profile: Priest Natan from Egzorcist series
    Gender: Nonbinary
    Prononces: IDC about it
    My OC/Mascot: Binni the Kurvinox
    Other: I am trying to be open for most of the things(even i don't support some groups, I have nothing towards the members)
    IDC if you are X, Y or Z, Let us respect us and everything should be fine
    If you don't understand something, feel free to write me(even by notes)

    I am also a simple animator and modest game person(I don't play tons of games, only some)
    Feel free to write something in my Guest Book :)

    DIAMONDS GIVEN: 14,624

    About my blog serieses:
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