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    Love Nikki & Food Fantasy ♥

    = | Video Games I Play | =
    Food Fantasy
    Love Nikki

    Ikemen Sengoku
    Ikemen Revolution

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    Yo, So here is more in depth about me.

    I really like anime, that really isn't a surprise for people who know me on here.
    I draw, I don't draw a lot even tho I should and need to. I wanna make a comic someday,
    My dream is to become a comic artist. I doodle more often than I do practice.

    I play games a lot too, Like Love Nikki, Food Fantasy, 2 Games from the Ikemen series.
    A lot of my sentences are starting with "I"... Ok so Here are a bunch of things I like.

    Food, Games, Artbooks(who doesn't), Kid's Coffee, anime, cats,
    I will fill this up later. when I remember the stuff I like.

    Skin Requests | Open

    Trades | Open
    Commissions | Closed

    The Skins I make on this Website IS ONLY made on THIS website. I do not reupload my skins anywhere.
    if you see my skins anywhere else please contact me through via pm.
    You are NOT allowed to:
    Reupload my skins, claim that they are yours, remove my watermark, take one part of my skin and add it to your skin,
    and edit the skin then reupload it.

    You ARE allowed to:
    edit my skins for your own personal use(just make sure I know), and edit the skin for a friend(again let me know.).
    This watermark will be in the desc on all of my skin uploads.
    Credit to person to made it

    You also are not entitled to my skins, all of the skins I make are my own creations. Not yours.
    For Requests/Commissions:
    The Skin is yours when it is finished, if someone asks you where you got it from
    just send them a link to me, or tell them that I made it. Again all of the same rules
    apply to requests/commissions, if you have a problem with that then go find someone else to make you a skin.

    Request Info.
    Hello There! Here is the information you need to know
    if you wanna request a skin from me!

    Steve Or Alex:
    Boy or Girl:
    Skin Tone:
    Clothing Type, Dresses, Overalls etc.:
    Clothing Color:
    Shirt Type, Hoodie, T-Shirt etc.:
    Pant Type, Pants Shorts etc.:
    Shirt, Color:
    Pant, Color:
    Eye Type, Chibi, Sleepy etc.:
    Eye Color:
    Hair Type, Buns, Ponytails, etc.:
    Hair Color, or Colors:
    Shoe Type, Boots, Sneakers etc.:
    Shoe Color:
    Extra Things, please add here:
    (More will be added later if I find anything I want here)
    Just Copy and paste this info in the pm that you will send me, and just fill out the questions.
    Please check out my Copyright Tab for info on the claims you have to the skin.

    People I Support! ♥
    Will add some soon!~

    none uwu, If you wanna send me fanart or a fanskin then pm me!

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    // Who I am //

    Weirdo . Female
    Drinks Kid's Coffee . Watches Anime
    And Hates School.
    Your Basic Teenager.
    expect for the anime part

    = | Social Media | =
    discord: milktea#2508
    twitter: buttermilkteaa

    = | Servers I play on | =

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