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    Hello all!

    As you can see, I've been around for a while, and I have a lot of partially-started, now-sadly-abandoned worlds.

    tl;dr, I've had severe, life-long medical issues. Because my 'complaints' were largely disregarded as a kid, I'm really only just-now (at 24), starting to get the majority of them figured out. Minecraft hasn't really been a priority. Since my last update, I've gone through several laptops, and try as I might to pull the data off my old HDDs, I've lost pretty much everything that I had on here. (Worlds, texturepacks, servers, skins, all of it.)

    However! I was gifted a rather nice laptop, and would like to start playing again. I haven't played in a VERY long time, but once I get used to all the new things you can do and make, I may select 1 or 2 of my old builds, and start over fresh. Chances are, there's a MUCH better, and FAR more interesting way to complete all of these builds now. (Not to mention, I can do a WAY better job now, than I could when I was younger.) If I make any new texture packs, I will be sure to share them!

    Give me some time to ease back in, but let me know which build you'd like to see re-done! I do favor my Persona builds, and may eventually give something from Persona 5 a try, but I'm happy to consider the others.There's also a very high likelihood of my starting something new, but I know a lot of people really wanted to see more of what I already have up, so I will do my best to follow through!

    Thank you all for being patient. Hope you enjoyed your holidays!
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