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  • Who is PIANO?

    Hello, I am Piano!
    That random person who creates skins who are MEH, but tries really hard.
    So think of me as a piano if you would like, I am not a piano though. I am a person who loves pianos.



    Goal: Finally, one I can actually say: To help people with their skins!

    Skins: Well, For my skins you have to kind of think on the bright side.. like, FOR INSTANCE: An old skin I used to have that I want to share with you. I share it with you because I think you might have a use for it.

    Hate: It's fine, I get it! I hate my skins too! I know what your talking about because I weigh myself down so I can try to do better!

    Love: Why thank you! I love you as well!

    Skin Help: Well, if you want a custom skin and not one of the ones i can already offer you, Private Message me, so we can talk about what skin you would like, I am on PMC most of the time, so please, ASK AWAY!! <3

    Skin Uploads: I upload skins on the weekends mainly, if there is a big break (Such as spring break or summer break or whatever other breaks there are) I am mostly likely to upload then too! If I am busy, I might not upload BUT I will probably later on.

    So thank you for reading this so you can get to know me! <3 ~Piano
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  • So, MORE PIANO???

    Well, if you would like (I'm not forcing this obviously) you can talk to me on MC servers OR on here. :
    I'm mainly on:
    Minecraft PartyZone server ip: MCPZ.NET

    Hypixel server ip: Hypixel.net

    MineCade server ip: Mineca.de

    I will add more if I find a server I enjoy!

    ON HERE:
    You can:
    Private Message me.
    Sometimes i'm in community chats too (Rare)

    I will not mind at all to stop and talk to you! <3
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    • PianoDoesGaming
      May 25, 2017, 12:43 am to Public
      Hey. I need to get something off my chest. Mind if I do it? If you do mind, you can leave this comment, i'm fine with it. But if you don't mind, please listen. I am going through some things that are really hurting me. One of my members of my family went to the hospital and has a broken spine and is recovering. I couldn't go to him because we are in different states, you have NO CLUE how much it killed me.

      Next, I am sick with mouth, feet, and hand disease. It sucks so much and my feet and legs itch so bad.

      Then, I want to upload skins however I don't have very much time or effort into them.

      And, I am so busy with school that it is impossible for me to be sick, but I am.

      Oh yeah, and i'm currently still unpacking.
      So, if you read this, thanks for letting me get this all off my chest.. It hurts so much for me to say anything because I never know how anyone will respond. No, you don't have to tell me anything about your life, but thank you for listening. I don't get much feedback on anything. But, let's just have something nice to say.
      I'll start.
      1. You are not hated.
      2. You make a difference in the world someway, somehow.
      3. It might seem like all hope is lost, but we find hope in the smallest things.
      4. Love yourself.
      5. You are not fat, ugly, selfish, hated, or stupid.
    • PianoDoesGaming
      May 15, 2017, 3:01 pm to Public
      Hey, Sorry I haven't been on recently... Things are going on in my life that are difficult. Please, try to understand while i'm going through my hard times. Yes, I will be uploading today. Sorry I wasn't able to upload it yesterday. But, it is celebrating mother's day. Again, I am so dearly sorry. <3
    • PianoDoesGaming
      April 16, 2017, 2:46 pm to Public
      Hoppy Easter everyone!
      Hope your all having a wonderful day.
      If you don't celebrate Easter than HAPPY NORMAL DAY to you!
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