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  • Custom Skin Series

    HEY GUESS WHAT?!? I have finally decided to take custom skin orders!
    I wanna start a custom skin series and I need your help! If you want me to do a skin for you, then you can private message me!
    If you send me a message though:
    Realize that I might not start work your skin as soon as you message me. Just whenever i'm online then I will look at my messages.
    So you want a skin done? PM me! Just don't make it bad. keep it PG or use movie or game characters! (also PG)

    Thanks to profile viewers!
    Special Thanks to subscribers!
  • Map Builders Wanted!

    Wanted! Talented Map Builders

    I am building a server (THAT MAY NOT GO PUBLIC) and I need builders. If you are a great or even fantastic builder,
    then I need your builds! I want to start a server because then I will have a place for me and my friends to hang out. So if you want to build then note: I cannot pay, therefore, I ask of you to build from the kindness of your hearts. If you don't want to, then fine by me.
    The only thing I can offer is a shoutout on my YT channel and your name on the list down below. [and it will will start empty and sad ): ]
    So if you wanna build for fun or for me..... Then I will gladly accept. (:


    If you build then
    you need a theme.
    What Do You Build?
    A main lobby for a game, Paintball map, or a Hub area
    How big?
    Big enough to support 50 players or more. Unless you build the hub. then it needs to support 100.
    How do you get it to me?
    put it on mediafire and send me link in a private message or email world save to me at [email protected]





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