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  • PMC shared DinowCookie's post
    April 13, 2019, 12:52 pm with Public

    The Wall Post Weekly
    April 13th, 2019

    Howdy, PMCer's! How's everyone's weekend going so far? DinowCookie did an amazing job summarizing all things spring on PMC, so we're sharing her post if you didn't get the opportunity to read it! In addition to spring things, there are several other non-spring community events being hosted on the site. Cyprezz has also been hard at work behind the scenes revamping some stuffs. We hope everyone's found something to participate in this month!

    android Cyprezz Launched an overhaul to our account and submission management systems! We hope you'll find everything easier and more pleasant to work with when it comes to managing your account, activities, and submissions.
    • New member account menu provides access to everything related to our account & site activities.
    • Submission
      management was revamped to clarify & streamline the process for
      every submission type and their various unique elements.
    • Better mobile support for submission management.
    • Back-end
      code of submissions management, listing and display was refactored for
      developer sanity and for future submission add-ons and introduction of
      new content types.
    • Members that upload will see the many changes I'm not going to bother listing out here. :P
    • Please report all bugs small & large by opening a ticket.
    • Feedback and suggestions welcome!
    • Fixed Server Top Lists
    • Contest entries can be voted on from the /contest/ entry listing pages.
    • Updated mobile slide out menus for member & various account pages.
    • Revised member quick drop down menu options
    • Fixed site wide tool tips
    • Optimized pop reel rendering code.


    Non-Spring Community Events Ending Soon:
    Themed contestMourna's Steampunk Skin ContestMournaApril 25
    Reshade contestlisten before i goanxieuseApril 25
    Datapack contestHashs's Community Datapack ContestHashsApril 19

    meafcraft was featured in an article on for their build Bounty. The article covers the concept behind the build and what the project portrays. We don't want to give it away, though! Read the article for yourself to find out!
    bounty, meafcraft

    pixel artcredit DinowCookie
    April 11, 2019, 2:49 pm to Public

    Look, I created a spring themed pixel art divider! ^ 😄 Remember the Community Pixel Project? PMC is still accepting new dividers. Spring might just be a perfect occasion to pick up the pixel pencil again; blossom 🌸 flowers 🌹 bunnies 🐰 eggs 🥚 Members could use them to Spring Fling their profile!

    At the end of the Spring Fling event, my fellow hosts PMC, Cyprezz and I will pick a couple of spring-themed profiles to highlight in the event conclusion. ^_^ Please tag us, or leave a comment on the Spring Fling event discussion forum thread to show us your decorated profile! Need some inspiration? The profiles of TETQ, mcrjellyfish & StLee make great examples.

    I decorated mine too! And made these photos of spring available for you to freely use when decorating your own profile.

    About the Spring Fling event, I've seen a lot of people refer to it as a contest but please remember that it's a non-competitive event, which means that your entries will not be judged and no top-3 of winners will be chosen. You can enter any combination of skins, blogs and projects. Up to five entries per participant are allowed and you can team up as well! 😁

    There already are a total of 165 entries submitted into the event so far, and we still have 18 days to go! Do you have something planned? I'll be looking forward to what more is to come. These are some of my personal favorites so far:

    Which entries do you like the most? Perhaps leave a diamond, favorite or comment on them, or even make a dedicated wall-post to feature them!

    Aside from the Spring Fling event, there are plenty of other, community-hosted events happening that are spring themed! Here's an overview:

    TypeTitle + LinkHostDeadline
    Blog tournamentOutflow's Spring Blog ContestOutflow(Round 1) Apr 15
    Themed skin contestStrawberry's monthly contests: EasterStrawberryPeachesApril 21
    Reshade contestI am a living easter egg :3NightmarErRoRApril 22
    Themed skin contestTheme: Bunnies_Sans_CZApril 26
    Reshade contestSunflowers are pretty this time of yearVedahlia HQEnd of April
    Themed skin contestskin contest; oc'sKawaii(Round 1) May 1

    P.S. Did you find Peepers yet? 😀 So far a total of 605 members had a successful egg-hunt! \o/ If you haven't found your Peeper(s) yet, I wish you good luck in finding them. You have until the end of April to spot these little cuties.
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    StrangeHater said 2019-04-16 19:30:39
    So amazing! Keep it up!

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