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    February 10, 2021, 10:44 am to Public
    Happy Wednesday! This is just a mid week reminder that there's still time to create an entry into the Maze Making Contest! ALL Skill levels are encouraged to give it a shot! You can have a completed entry in just under a few hours, since the machine does a lot of the heavy work for you!

    Okay! What do I do?
    1. Download the Maze Maker Deluxe. This starter map contains templates - the elements that will compose your maze.
    Build your walls, corridors, traps, challenges and more! Easy peasy.

    2. Draw the maze layout in the provided map chests.

    3. Compile the maze by pressing the button!

    4. Submit your entry!

    Now.. what are you waiting for?!

    Deadline: February 15
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    Kaybug88 said 2021-02-21 00:53:17
    So I have a question. My friend and I want to join we are girls but we are tomboys ( girls that like boy stuff ). We want to know if we can join.
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